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The program of the school


Years of study of the Bagua art in the technical part, theoretical and linguistics, and the continuous contact with the Chinese culture, have carried forward my practice to become refined in the time.

The introduction ,in the program of study, of the buddhist meditative techniques, have enriched the practice, gives it the attention that generally in the martial arts doesn't exist, that consideration of the others and of ourselves in the relationship with the life. Practicing any style of Gongfu or other martial art that is, only for the taste of move the body and use it in a certain way, is very limitative. The study of the theoretical part, meditative, linguistics and cultural, enriches the martial art in a conclusive way, gives her that continuity of individual path, otherwise hardly sustainable in the time. Neglecting these appearances is similar to play an musical instrument without know the notes.

I have seen in the time an increasing interest in my students and in the people that also for the first time was present to the lessons. This is the tangible proof that the run is correct and the wealth of content is authentic.

I did a deepened search on the structure of the human body, giving up each time exercises and techniques that damaged the human physiology, and maintaining those exercises and techniques that bettered the performances and the duration of human body.

The respect of the body (and of the mind) is fundamental. But you try to think how many people apply the principles learning in a martial school. I think very few, and that people who apply this principles, apply it only for money and for personal gratifications, neglecting, that money and gratifications are only the limits of a spiritual growth, that our mind, with good work, imposes to us.

The practice must be above all a pleasure for us, and if we become aware of having acquired some wisdom really, this is for transmit this pleasure to the others. The practice follows the student, since the first day, in the varied natural transformations that will be faced, of physical type to the beginning (the body a little bit for time will become accustomed to doing movements that usually didn't do), and of mental type then (through the meditation and the explanations will grow the awareness of a new vision of the life), and of cultural type (we will begin to know the culture in a more deepened way, and a little of Chinese language).

The program of the Wudang school [Wudang Quan Yuan] of Padova, is composed in 5 levels (degrees), that they articulate in the following way:

A)Basic techniques/ exercises (arms).

B) Basic techniques/ exercises ( legs ).

C) Linear/circular exercises, single and two man sets.

D) Techniques with weapons single and two man sets.

E) Study of the philosophical ,cultural part, and of basic linguistics.

Loriano and Fabio