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The Qigong  practised by us originates to a large extent from the teaching of Yu Yongxi, my teacher of Xingyiquan, Xingyi-Taiji and Qigong. Then it has been partly elaborated again and integrated with teachings of Wudang Qigong, Qigong of theFu and Yin schools , Yiquan and Falun gong. Qigong means "work with the energy" and it consists of learning to know and to drive this energy. 
I give a lot of importance to  Qigong. In effects I started to  practise Qigong and meditation almost at the same time; or better, first I started to practise meditation and then Qigong; but it was under the influence of this last practice and particularly of the tecniques of respiraton of the "Small Celestial Circuit" that, in meditation, I entered the first Dhyana (or Jhana). Usually the  Qigong positions are in standing stance. There is also a particular way to walk that I  use as walking meditation and that it originates from the Yiquan (Kungfu of the Mind). The Qigong finishes with the seated positions  that  originate from the Falungong, a Qigong of  Buddhist origin, and they slip in the  Samatha or Vipassana meditation. The practice of meditation that we develop in group on Saturdays in S. Andrea di Compito, is currently preceded by a session of Qigong. The address is: S. Andrea di Compito, Lucca, Street of the Tower,  9; schedule: 15,30 (tel. 0583.977051). 
Concerning the positions here illustrated my instructions  are as it follows: do not  think about anything but the positions themselves. Interpret  instead their feeling: to offer, to greet etc. Doesn't take to achieve anything since the meditation has this not-purpose. You slightly smile as a Buddha. 

Pictures are left to right, high to low. The nice Garden is of Isabella Mencacci, Monte San Quirico, Lucca.


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