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It's been 3 centuries since the "Great War" between the Autobots and Decepticons. Since then, the Autobots have evolved into the Maximals and the Decepticons into the Predacons. The two groups coexisted peacefully, until a group of outlaw Predacons, led by a new Megatron, stole the Golden Disk created by the original Megatron during the Great War. A Maximal exploration vessel, the Axalon, was out on a mission when it was told to intercept the Predacon ship. The Maximals chased the Predacons through a transwarp hole, taking them back into time. In the ensuing battle both ships crashed on a planet similar to ancient Earth. They found vast amounts of  raw energon, a mineral used for power by the Transformers, on this planet.   The amount of radiation given off by  the energon was so great, however, that the Transformers' normal bodies couldn't stand it for more than a few minutes. This led them to combine DNA from local animal life with their own technology to develop new, alternate animal forms which could withstand long periods of exposure to the energon. Thus began the Beast Wars.

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