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Site Update(06/20/2008): Making an update, as I'm planning on increasing traffic to the site beyond myself and a few friends. Some fixing of links and removing of the redundant 'What's New?' pages was in order, so that the site navigates better (and correctly) and looks more polished. Biggest issue was fixing the broken G2 link and updating the Shrine links to reflect the new index file (same hosting account but no longer the default index). Also removed the guestbook links, seeing as they're both broken and an outdated concept. Finally, the links page has been cleared out. I will be replacing it with a new project I'm working on. Don't know when that will be yet, but likely not before August.

Site Update(01/01/2005): Happy New Year! It is the year 2005, the treacherous Decepticons have...oh wait, no they haven't. Y'know I can't believe it. The year 2005 is here and there's no Autobot City, the Decepticons haven't taken over Cybertron, and there's no planet eating monster. Lesson for today kids: Never trust an animated film to be a fortune teller. Ah well, at least an update is up. I've redone the layout of the site a bit and changed the colors to brighten the place up a little. I've added head shots of all the Beast Wars characters (Yeah, I know some of them aren't too good, I'll replace em eventually.) and replaced the pics of Tigerhawk's modes with new ones. The Beast Wars and Beast Machines character references have been overhauled and look really spiffy. The BW activation codes have been moved to the BW sounds pages and the tech specs have been removed. If you still want to see the tech specs, spin over to the Hartmans' . That said, get going and check out the new stuff, okay? Click here for the sound that originally accompanied this update

Site Update (11/20/2004): Got some new additions to the site today. The first is the opening of the RID section. So far all I have up is the episode listing, but more stuff will soon follow.  More importantly however, is that I've uploaded all the sound clips from the "Beast Wars: Metals" N64 game. Check them out in the Beast Wars: Other Sounds page as there are a lot of funny and intresting sounds.  

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