Transformers: Generation 2 came out a few years after the end of the first TF line in 1990. This new line consisted mostly of repaints, toys whose molds were used multiple times and then painted differently to create new toys, and repainted European toys.  There were some bright spots in what was, overall, a mediocre line. Things like Laser Optimus Prime, the Laser Cycles, Cyberjets, and the chance to get some of the old G1 molds were the high points. The TV show on the other hand was nothing to write home about. It was basically a retouched version of the original cartoon. Since there wasn't a unique cartoon there won't be much here unless there's a demand for it. So for now here's the theme and intro movie. The movie is courtesy of Rockman who's page is on my links page. The theme is courtesy of SoundAmerica .

 G 2 Theme
G2 Intro Movie  

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