Several over-sized Bruticus sets have appeared over the years but, until now, each has been made of cheap, hollow plastic and brittle joints. This Oversized Bruticus is unlike any of these previous sets. Combined, the set stands well over a foot tall and is also made of a thicker, higher quality plastic than the G1 original. He comes with all the accessories required to form an over-sized Bruticus, and even has weapons that are improved over the original. His chestplate, fists, and feet are chrome silver, the chestplate has attachable rolling wheels for vehicle mode, and his gun has extra detail that isn't visible on the g1 original. The trade-off for this incredible piece is that there are some minor factory imperfections on the chromed parts, and the three boxes this set came in were destroyed in shipping from Korea.


Size comparison with a G1 Devastator.


A close-up on the enormous combiner. Check out that chrome, as well as the general level of detail.


A size comparison of Swindle from this set with a G1 Wheeljack. This Bruticus is the perfect scale for G1 compatibility.


Here's a comparison of Onslaught with G1 Optimus Prime. Onslaught makes a menacing rival leader.


NEW TO THIS VERSION: The chestplate comes with attachable wheels so that it can roll or display as its own vehicle. Just one of the many fine details that make this set superior to the original.


The complete set. Careful inspection will reveal that this contains every weapon/accessory included in the original giftset, only enlarged to match the new enormous dimensions.


A closer shot of some of the weapons/accessories.


The rest of the accessories. Check out that silver chrome!



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