Several over-sized Bruticus sets have appeared over the years but, until now, each has been made of cheap, hollow plastic and brittle joints. This G1 Onslaught is unlike any of these previous sets. Sold alone, he stands nearly 11" in height and is nearly a foot long in vehicle mode, yet he is also made of a thicker, higher quality plastic than the G1 original. He comes with all the accessories required to form an over-sized Bruticus, and even has weapons that are improved over the original. His chestplate, fists, and feet for Bruticus are chrome silver, the chestplate has attachable rolling wheels for vehicle mode, and his gun has extra detail that isn't visible on the g1 original. The trade-off for this incredible piece is that there is some minor wear on the chromed parts and the outer box was destroyed in shipping from Korea. All that remains is the box insert.


The 13" x 17" box insert. Not pictured are the little attachable working wheels for the chestplate in vehicle mode. Check out that chrome and the level of detail. This is no crapy bootleg. It's superior to the original in every way.


Almost 11" high. This guy can even make me feel a little short.


Over a foot long in length. You can easily transport full-sized G1 Autobots on his back.


Just for comparison's sake, this guy is even longer than a G1 Optimus Prime cab and trailer.



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