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Sérgio Morais - Brazilian flutist, Brasília.

Rogério Wolf - Brazilian flutist, Campinas.

Ana Amélia Wingeter - Brazilian flutist, Campinas.

Sávio Araújo - Brazilian flutist, Campinas.

Larry Krantz - Canadian flutist, also FLUTE e-mail discussion group info. Site has many interesting articles, information and links about flute and flute playing. Also worth listening to the flute radio. Great site!

Jennifer Grady - American flutist, another great site!

Celso Woltzenlogel - Brazilian flutist, Rio de Janeiro.

André Cunha - Brazilian flutist, Belo Horizonte. Under construction.

Amy O'Neill - Flute studio in Canada.

Daniele Pasini - Italian composer in Cagliari, Sardegna.



Flutes.tk - Flute links of all kinds, great resource.

Musica Classica - Great resource for musicians in Italy.

AIF - Accademia Italiana del Flauto

NFA - National Flute Association.

ABRAF - Brazilian Flute Association.

GBFA - Greater Boston Flute Association. Has good links area.

Fa La Ut - Italian flute magazine.

FLUTENET - Flute e-mail discussion group info.


Nicola Mazzanti - Italian flutist, Florence. Great piccolo site.

Information on Flute and Piccolo - Not much info, but interesting.