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Denis Bouriakov - russian site, my favorite.

Music Library - Ukrainian site.

Kongelige Bibliotek - all compositions and etudes of Andersen!!

Icking Music Archive - flute and other instruments. Click here for their links page.

Mutopia Project - some flute pieces like the Mozart Andante (with the orchestra parts).

EDUMUS (ital.) - in pdf.

FreeScores.com - pop classical music.

Esquina da Música (port) - click in 'partituras' for sheet music, almost all in Encore.

Herbert Lindholm - his books and sheet music to download for free.

Clive Catterall - transcriptions for traverso and recorder music.

Dean Stallard - transcriptions in pdf.

Nicola Mazzanti (ital.) - for piccolo - free and paid, also music by contemporary Italian composers.

Lay music - from early Baroque to Bach, Dowland & Byrd.

Johan Tufvesson - early Baroque, 17th and 18th centuries.

FluteWise - some Galway arrangements.

Vernon Farrell - jazz flute (James Moody), transcriptions.

Virtual Klezmer (ger.) - Klezmer music.

Biblioteca di Cuyahoga - jazz and world music.

SibeliusMusic - music for many instruments.

Sheet Music Archive - free and paid.

Musica Viva - some melodies.

Music-Scores - free and paid.


Scales and warm-ups:

James Galway - some exercises.

Franz Juergen - Galway exercises (masterclass 1994).

Christian Flute - some scales, arpeggios and warm-ups by Galway.

Herbert Lindholm - his books and music to download for free.

Nathan Zalman - scales and exercises.

The Flute Shed - scales and exercises.

Playalong scales - accompanied scales.

Bandfolio - scales and band music and pop.


Other sites with links:

Gordon Callon - links to other music download sites.

Jennifer Cluff - her whole site is interesting.

FreeScores.com - pop classical music.

Free Sheet Music - search for 'flute'.