Felix Rivera Trip



Welcome to a Great Friend and his Wife.


In the middle of July 2000 we have the great pleasure to welcome Felix Rivera and his wife Victoria ; unfortunately for a technical problem to their plane , we can meet them only from Friday to Sunday.

portoven30bis.jpg (25463 octets)

Felix and his wife was happy to visit the Luciana and Giovanna's exhibit to Suvero and my wife and me was very glad to guide them there .

suis52bis.jpg (24438 octets)                      suis53bis.jpg (27337 octets)

Friday evening all friends around here come to meet Felix and Vicky in a simple but exquisite fishes' dinner under supervision of Angelo Attina' :

friends01bis.jpg (28460 octets)                                  friends02bis.jpg (27598 octets)                     friends03bis.jpg (46825 octets)

The Saturday Felix,Vicky ,Luciana and me come to collect stones in Ligurian Alps. Before we visited the nice medieval town of Varese Ligure built round for defense's reasons.

vares08bis.jpg (30476 octets)                              vares09bis.jpg (17893 octets)                         vares10bis.jpg (22579 octets)


vares11bis.jpg (19012 octets)                               vares12bis.jpg (25747 octets)                       vares13bis.jpg (23445 octets)

Leaving this wonderful town,we began to see the peaceful views of Liguria and its typical sedimentary formations:

vares14bis.jpg (24871 octets)          vares15bis.jpg (13740 octets)            vares16bis.jpg (24750 octets)          vares17bis.jpg (33611 octets)

                                                 vares18bis.jpg (24045 octets)

Above the last picture shows our poor picnic under a very hot sun .

Before to leave us ,we brought Felix and Vicky to visit Portovenere and the magic Five Earths :

portoven01bis.jpg (42245 octets)          portoven03bis.jpg (37561 octets)           portoven07bis.jpg (30970 octets)         portoven09bis.jpg (46762 octets)


portoven10bis.jpg (42833 octets)          portoven19bis.jpg (37335 octets)           portoven27bis.jpg (40790 octets)         portoven33bis.jpg (46986 octets)


portoven34bis.jpg (33482 octets)          portoven35bis.jpg (34258 octets)          portoven36bis.jpg (42803 octets)           portoven39bis.jpg (30520 octets)


portoven43bis.jpg (39176 octets)         portoven48bis.jpg (38781 octets)           portoven50bis.jpg (32365 octets)            portoven51bis.jpg (35555 octets)

With these wonderful views of Portovenere, Vernazza,Corniglia,Riomaggiore and Manarola in mind ,Felix and Vicky left us with great regret to follow their trip around Italy.We will be still happy to meet them next in our country,because the persons, who are so kind and nice ,are the best friends of our life.