Two-Women Show



suis43bis.jpg (19929 octets)

From 1th July to 15th September 2000 to Suvero (La Spezia) it takes place the first parade of Arts and Handicraft : 20 between artists of various arts (painting,sculpture etc..) and artisans (ceramists, glass-makers,wood-crafts,leather-crafts,iron-crafts) will be in parade in old shops of historical village of Suvero.

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Luciana with her suiseki and Giovanna with her sculptures was between those artists to show their masterpieces : I'm proud to display for you what they will bring there.

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We start with the stones of Luciana,maybe someone of you saw already them,but i think it is always a pleasure to admire them still once .

suis01bis.jpg (21341 octets)    suis02bis.jpg (25549 octets)    suis03bis.jpg (20167 octets)    suis04bis.jpg (31684 octets)


suis05bis.jpg (40272 octets)   suis06bis.jpg (25885 octets)     suis07bis.jpg (30419 octets)     suis08bis.jpg (24451 octets)

suis09bis.jpg (30161 octets) This last stone won an award to Singapore.

suis10bis.jpg (30749 octets)  suis12bis.jpg (26755 octets)     suis13bis.jpg (28966 octets)      suis14bis.jpg (23976 octets)


suis16bis.jpg (24947 octets)   suis17bis.jpg (22719 octets)     suis18bis.jpg (26136 octets)     suis20bis.jpg (19197 octets)


suis57bis.jpg (27192 octets) The last two pictures show the same stone from different corners.

suis21bis.jpg (23383 octets)  suis22bis.jpg (25068 octets)   suis23bis.jpg (27973 octets)  suis24bis.jpg (21893 octets)

suis25bis.jpg (25711 octets) This is the famous Beauty "La Bella" .

suis26bis.jpg (28748 octets) Here you can see the stone covered with clay like we find it .

suis28bis.jpg (24084 octets) This wonderful mountain range belongs to Angelo Attiną and it will be showed to next convention of EBA-ESA to Munich (Germany) 2001.

suis29bis.jpg (19674 octets)               suis33bis.jpg (27057 octets)             suis34bis.jpg (25413 octets)

Giovanna Garbini

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I show you now what Giovanna is able to do :

suis35bis.jpg (31117 octets)                            suis36bis.jpg (30690 octets)                 suis39bis.jpg (27911 octets)


To left a marble sculpture which represents a penguin waiting the birth of its son.To right a nudes' study in a cowshed .