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As a forgetful developer, I tend to use quite often the old "Seek and Scan Files" (PMSEEK.EXE) included with OS/2, to find text in the system header files or other source files, or just to find some old news message I had saved a few years ago.
Unfortunately PMSEEK.EXE has serious flaws and using it is not always a pleasent experience, so I decided to code a more functional and feature rich program.
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The program is currently quite basic as it is still lacks some essential PMSEEK features like the ability to drag files to an Enhanced editor window or to edit the selected file. On the other hand it already has some little extra option and a more attractive (I hope) interface.

Even if the program is far from complete, I decided to make it available in its current stage, as I want to start to get some feedback so I can easily modify it, while working on implementing the still missing features.

What's new


At the moment the program just consists in a single executable and since it does not use any entry in the CONFIG.SYS or in the system INI files, you can copy the file anywhere you like and use the WPS to create a program object on your desktop or where you prefer.
The program, once started will create an initialization file in the executable path.

To uninstall the program just delete DATASEEK.EXE, DATASEEK.INI and DATASEEK.HLP.

Features and settings

The current working features are:

Planned features

Apart from the already mentioned, not yet implemented, features, I might consider adding GREP and Extended-GREP text search and some more search options (depending on file date, file size, etc.), search in the EAs or for specific EAs, search in archived files or via plugin DLLs, specialized searches depending on the file format (i.e. html files excluding the content of html tags, in source file comments, etc.).

In any case I will leave more exotical features to a future release as I still have to complete other programs which have been delayed for too long.


In this stage of development, no program registration is yet available.
You are free to use this version of the program until a new version is available.

Once all the planned features will be added I'll decide about registration, costs (if any) etc.