Swap Monitor V. 0.35

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[2003 Apr 20] Download

Swap Monitor is a small REXX utility which allows to monitor the size of the swap file with the purpose to determine the optimal value for the initial size option of the config.sys SWAPPATH statement.

The program will show on the screen the current and the maximum size of the swap file and will write the values in the log file SWAPMON.LOG (in the same path swapmon.cmd has been started from).

If you start the program without any parameter the swap file size will be checked once per second and only the maximum size reached by the swap file will be written in SWAPMON.LOG.

The monitoring interval and the logging mode may be changed through the program parameteres. The default value for interval is 1 second and the default logging mode is to write only one line with the maximum value of the swap file size, overwriting it as soon that the previous value has been surpassed.