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The author of this site is an MD and General Practitioner of Medicine in Palermo.

Every GP well knows how much today (unfortunately) this profession results in bureaucracy and, accordingly, how important it is to be updated on Normative, CUFs notes, ticket exemptions etc. etc.

This site hopes to furnish a picture, as complete as possible, of the present resources in the net, that are useful for the Italian General Practitioner in his daily activities, essentially from a bureaucratic point of view. 

It's obvious that the result of this site depends also, and above all, on the collaboration of all colleagues who point new web sites to us, and who express opinions, suggestion and criticism. For the same reason, the site is always under construction. 

You can find the principal resources on this page devoted to medicine (Italian language only). 

But since we don't live of our work only....

... there is a second part of the site that is about the guitar, Celtic music and computer music. These are long time passions of mine.

Also, for this musical section, Your contribution is welcome!!!

Finally, you will find links to the web pages of my friends in the section "Friends"

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Very, very special thanks to the great Art Edelstein from Vermont, U.S.A., who very kindly agreed to help edit the English translation of my web pages...Grazie mille, Art!!!

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