angelo blu
“Towarsd South”… is the new album of the harmonist Angelo Blu. It’s a journey in search of a music capable of manifesting the soul, taking us to the future through “fusion” sounds but at the same time it’s a return to the past dictated by a will to a rebel, but fascinating music.
The artist appears in the musical panorama deserving to represent with his performances a music far away from the European borders, as to remember us that the good music knows no borders and ages.
With his mouth harmonic, the pentatonic one, which reaches the velocity of an electric guitar, Angelo skips from one genre to another (from blues to jazz and than incredibly to the pop) with the simplicity of a divine whisper. And here rises the natural applause because able to substitute pleasantly the usual instruments.
The disc is a collage of music and sounds where harmonic is the leader. Angelo explodes into his solos like a solitary artist, but able to share his emotions with the others, with his angel and devil whisper at the same time. “Towards South” … is a journey you should not miss.

Il cd includes 11 tracks and is produced by Gianni Gandi and Pietro Fotia.
Executive production Vincenzo Esposito
Distributed by Delta dischi
ANGELO BLU......................