09/2006: next release
                  Almios & Damios
                  Daniele Brusaschetto "live in Portland 2001" 
09/2006: switch off "inconcludenzia" cd-r
                   percussions old recordings from the first nineties with: Daniele Brusaschetto, Daniele Pagliero, Mirco Rizzi, Maurizio Suppo, Pierluigi Brusaschetto, Mauro Aloisio
                   a co-release with Setole di maiale-Musiche non convenzionali, Bosco rec, into my bed recordings     
-May 2006: "L'orfeo concluso" a poem by Davide Riccio into05

-February 2006, see distro/catalogue for new releases!
"S.o.c.g. : vecchie paure" new ashtool release into04

-September 2005, next months releases:
L'Orfeo concluso

-November 2004: The new album of All scars orchestra "new scars 2004" out now!
An ensemble with ashtool, Daniele Brusaschetto, Ludmila, Dimension idol, Ascolie,
Gullinkambi and friends...
a coproduction into my bed recordings, Milarecords & Bosco rec.
downloadable track!

-November 2004: The first album of Ich niente out in out now!
A collaboration with Mirco Rizzi & Daniele Brusaschetto
40 minutes of improvvisations with 2 guitars & pedal effects...
a coproduction into my bed recordings & Bosco rec.
downloadable track!

-Ascolie is a new/old project of Oscar Mucci. 
The album will be called "sangueblu", a mixtures of italian popular music
with machines, guitars and one or more glasses of good wine!
A old friend and a good musician.

-March 2004: "Electrosoundphrasesinth(ou)gh(t)s", 
the first album of ashtool project into01