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This site harbours many features but you have to navigate to discover most of them! Good Luck!

angelo franzini

Site guide :

While navigating this site you may found original recipes of italian cooking from Liguria and international recipes from many countries. All recipes have been derived from direct experience and have been tested by the webmaster.

All the inside photos are original. Most of them has been taken by the webmaster. Enjoy the tour across Liguria and the Trebbia Valley!

The interactive midrain atlas is dedicated to the stereotactic treatment of cluster headache, Parkinson disease,dystonia and chronic pain.It is working!

You may found the original design of the instrument and technique developped by the Author for the minimally invasive treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Finally a webpage is dedicated to motorcortex stimulation in the treatment of thalamic hand and post-stroke disorders.

A full working 3Dgame is downloadable from the site to play on your own PC.May be you know some of the game personages!

If you have lost dices to play you may find an electronic simulation in this site!

The legendary outdoor loudspeaker! You may explore some slides about worldwide use of this equipment.

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