Palaeolithic Site La Pineta Isernia - Homo Aeserniensis - by Davide Monaco - Isernia 1996
 Palaeolithic site of La Pineta - Isernia


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Homo Erectus of Isernia (by Airone)


On the footsteps of Isernia's
Primitive Man



It was May 1979, when a photographer, Alberto Solinas, vacationing in the Molise area, accidentally discovered alongside the site of the new super-highway Napoli- Vasto under construction and very close to downtown Isernia, what has been claimed Europe's most important palae-anthropological discovery.
Helped by the expertise of professor Carlo Peretto of Ferrara University and doctor Rossella Monaco of Isernia, we will on this internet page expound the palaeolitical ground brought back to light during the excavations conducted up to now, the flora, the fauna and that these findings clearly assert that in that period, more than 700.000 years ago, a primitive Man
would live on these Molise's localities.
We shall also try to describe the city of Isernia and its Palaeolithic Museum, how to get there, and above all, show what this scientific discovery represents to the world of arts and imagination.



Paleolitical Ground The FloraThe Fauna
LithosPrimitive ManThe art for Aeserniensis
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Giacimento paleolitico La Pineta di Isernia - Homo Aeserniensis - Edito da Davide Monaco - Isernia 1996