In these pages you can find my curriculum, a summary of my graduation thesis and links of some search engines. There's also the Italian version (click on the little flag on the left).

My name is Emanuele Somma and I'm an electronic engineer since November 27th, 1998. In the meanwhile I've developed some experiences by which I've met many people, I've known new technologies and I've also realized some simple projects. Now I'm looking for a job.

Here's my curriculum vitae.

Name: Emanuele Somma
Age: 30
Address: Via San Giorgio Vecchio, 194 Zip Code: 80046 - San Giorgio a Cremano - Naples - Italy
Nationality: Italian
e-mail: manusomma@yahoo.com


Knowledge of languages

Intermediate English

Knowledge of computing

Computer languages Basic, Pascal, Visual Basic, Java, HTML.
Operating systems Dos, Windows 3.x, Windows 95 e 98, Mac.
Software Packages Matlab, Mathematica, Mathcad, Office 2000, FileMakerPro, QuarkXPress, Freehand, Photoshop.