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Track plan ( revision 3.26 )
Click on icons images around the plan to enlarge pictures of real places.
Click on Plan to display (or print ) a bigger resolution image . Square on drawings are 10x10cm


Click on image for a better view , be patient ... can take a bit to load.


The above view cover mostly the not visible tracks ( in tunnels ) and I understand that this maybe can create confusion.
So here are just tracks ! This first image will display all the layers superimposed.

For view of each route line, see down here.

As usual, clicking on images, you can display an enlarged ( and better ) version.

Some of you, my "old" visitors, have noted that I've replaced the images.
I've done it to follow the "geographic" point of view: now "nord" is UP!

Unfortunately the Santa Cruz mountains are in the middle of the layout, while Santa Clara is on "Sud" side , but I think this help to separate the 3 differents landscape types (SF-Mountains-Country hills ), without have backdrops walls : that's the result I want.

Note that RED lines represents tunnels

Longest route for trains departing from 3rd & Townsend to Santa Clara :

  • 3rd & Towsend
  • (stop) San Carlos.
  • pass trough Santa Clara
  • (stop) Menlo Park
  • pass trough Mission Bay yard
  • (stop) Santa Clara
  • switch on left way before Tunnel 2
  • exit from Tunnel 1
  • 3rd & Towsend

San Francisco – Menlo Park – San Carlos - Santa Clara
The main line (single track with passing sidings) is a folded dogbone.
Main line go from SF to Santa Clara . The line is turning back to SF via a tunnel to separate the view and enable to have continuous loop run.

San Francisco

  • SF Mission Bay SP&ATSF double-ended interchange yard , provide a 5 track classification yard to prepare freight trains, 2 A/D tracks and 1 pass-trough track.
    Service and auxiliary tracks supply a ice house and ice loading platforms on two tracks for reefers, caboose track and auxiliary tracks for car wash and MOW storage are provided, as well as some storage tracks for track repair / fighting equipment or for engines, between assignments.
  • Mission Bay steam service area with a 6 stall roundhouse for heavy locomotive repairs, 120' turntable, fuelling/sanding service tracks, ash pit, a workshop building used to store the first diesels engines.
  • 3rd and Towsend is modelled as a visible staging stub to prepare commuters trains. Rip tracks are present ending in front of the 7th Street.
  • State Belt Railroad : Several industrial spurs on the port area give the railroad a reason for being, including ATSF ferry apron , port Crane for loading ships, an old-time transfer company for local little vessels.

San Francisco 3rd & Towsend to Santa Clara
An intermediate stop for the commuters is planned at San Carlos that have another two industries spurs.
A second stop is Menlo Park ('cause the depot is so romantic!) and here two sidings provide local freigth destinations.

The Santa Clara yard is not so big as in reality but will provide the Roundhouse facility at Lenzen Ave. with 80' turntable.
From the yard, a diamond go to some local industries (Forbes Grain Mill, a Milling Company, a Furniture Factory, a general Supply reseller company ) and farms spreaded on the hills ( Seed&Fertilizer , Lettuce farm)
A short branch go to a Pulp Mill located near a river ( San Francisquito Creek? )

Santa Clara to Santa Cruz branch ( up to Felton )
via Los Gatos.
From Santa Clara is departing a single-track branch line to Felton
On the way to Los Gatos trains gated the San Francisquito Creek at "El Palo Alto" and a spur to Los Gatos Cannery.
Felton station
is equipped with a small yard, a small engine service facility with 80' turntable and an interchange track with the narrow line ( Nn3 ) to transfer logs and freights.
Line from Felton to Santa Cruz is emulated via a tunnel with 2 staging tracks

Felton – Boulder Creek – Santa Cruz mountains
Boulder Creek station have just a passing siding and a little engine house for the narrow gauge loco’s.
The line continue from Boulder Creek to a little lumber camp and a rock smelter site.
On the line between Felton and Boulder Creek
there is a Sawmill
that receive the logs from the logging camp and provide stacked log to Felton, where are send to Santa Clara Furniture Co.
The Nn3 line have two back-loops at both ends to turn the loco's, both running inside tunnels, enabling a continuous run.

3D View

click on image for a better view
(340KB) , be patient ... can take a bit to load.

    Turnouts on Standard Gauge line
Model N.



Atlas #4 turnout



Atlas 30° cross



PE55 R/H curved double radius



PE55 L/H curved double radius



PE55 R/H large radius, #8



PE55 L/H medium radius, #6



PE55 R/H medium radius, #6



PE55 R/H small radius, #4



PE55 L/H small radius, #4

PE55 wye



Y small radius



PE55 double slip

Nn3 turnouts on Narrow Gauge line


Model N.



MA Curved turnout




MA turnout




MA turnout


Track design
If you want to use the 3rd PlanIt version of the track design , first, you'll need to have a copy of the software by El Dorado Software. Here you find a demo copy of this Track CAD software you can use to try.
Second, you'll need to download the Version 3.26 track plan in 3rdPlanIt
(ZIP) and save to your computer.
NOTE: The required files are LARGE. A 56k modem is not recommended.

This plan can be found also on : " The 3rdPlanIt User Supported Website" ,
go here http://3pi.info/superark/index.php and select the "Layouts" icon

and on the "Train Player" site : http://www.trainplayer.com/Site2/User%20Track%20Plans.html

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