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My Structures

Chama Nn3 diorama

Chama famous coal tipple - sand house and water tower
completely scratchbiuld in real ... wood ( gess yes? )

Click here to open :

read my notes and follow the construction pictures

Follow this project also on my favourite forum :

A little Field market

A simple kit to start
but lot of possibility to add details

Manufacturer by : GClaser


Donovan's Transfer Co

This laser-cut kit represents a typical industry on a railroad near a large navigable waterway. It features both a lighthouse and a rail pier for the transfer of goods from water to rail transport.

Manufacturer is : Republic Locomotive Works

The Weimer's Mill

Grist Mill with water wheel.
The mill was built by and owned by Jacob Weimer, a feisty immigrant who was proud of his success, enough so to locate the mill in the most prominent spot on his property as he could. Some thought it was to be visible to potential customers, but that was just an added bonus



Money Plumbing

A simple kit in N scale of a little Plumbing shop.


Elliots & Sons

Another Republic Locomotive Works kit, a BTS reduction in N scale of a little family company.


If you like this models, you will find a really good group of structure builders at " http://www.railroad-line.com/ "

Joint this group, is free and sure is an interesting place. Try this : Index of Craftsman's Corner Construction Threads

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