Welcome to my home. Download my games and have fun.

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I'm Bertone Ermes, mail me at ermesjr@libero.it

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Do you want to watch some pictures of me?

Me and my cat, Mush.

My father Osvaldo and my uncle Tonino (Drunked) .

My girlfriend Loretta.

Me and Alexa (my girlfriend's nephew).

Loretta and Tonino's dog.

Same place of above.

Me and some friends.

I'm going to take out Alexa's supper.

Please help me!

Loretta after the last exam.

A young handsome one.

Like the previous.

My super Focus .

Loretta in the snow.

Me and my new friend.

Please someone can push Loretta a bit back?.

An olympics Ermes.

Loretta and the little bear.