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RAVEN - Uploaded 18 June 2002 - 3.645 Kb

Developed with DBV1.3, from March2002 to June 2002. 3D fps. randomly generated missions, 3 levels to play, 9 different enemies, 3 weapon, 3 mechs to choose from. AI for the enemies is good, you can choose the difficulty level of your missions. Jump in the mercenary force, and fight to stay alive!!


The Flight of Raven,RAVEN II - Uploaded 03 June 2003 7.822 Kb

Developed with DBPRO V3.1, from March2003 to June2003. This is the sequel to Raven. A campaign to win, 10 enemies, 4 player mech, with battle going on on the ground and in the air, you have wingmen, very clever enemy AI to make the game more challenging, capital ship, radio messages and much more. For combat flight simulator players, A joystick or game pad is recommended for all players.


SUNDAY DRIVERS - Uploaded 18 August 2003 5.088 Kb

Developed with DBPRO V4.1, from June2003 to August2003. Play this very funny racing game with cartoons style graphics.5 worlds, 15 tracks, 2 difficulty level and 16 vehicle to chose from!!!! Finish first in each level to gain access to the next track and unblock new cars!! You can use gamepad or keyboard, the game works fine at 100 hz.


SUNDAY PANZERS - Uploaded 01 December 2004 7518 Kb

Developed with DBPRO V5.7, from September2004 to December2004. The second of "Sunday" series, this time you've to smash tanks in a funny and chaotic battle. 50 levels, 8 different tanks, 10 squads to unlock and 6 scenarios, plus powerups and more. Control a max of 12 tanks versus 28 enemy tanks and 5 guest tanks!! Have fun!! the project is file by file and with source code.


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