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Author: Morariu Ernest
Created on: March 2004
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ExtendedDataGrid.DLL(version 1.0) - an assembly  containing a new DataGrid extended with new column types: FormatTextBoxColumn, ComboBoxColumn, DTPickerColumn and ButtonColumn. The new columns allow you a fine control (at the cell level) over the graphical aspect of the cells and the behavior of controls used for editing data in the cells. You will work with this grid in the same way you did before with the System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid. You will easily create new grids like those in the picture bellow; as you see, there is design-time support for the new columns of this grid.
Sample application written in VB.NET and documentation are available. Source code (C#) of the assembly is also available but without any documentation.   The help file explains how to install and how to use this assembly. The sample application uses a source of data in xml format, so you don't need to use any database.

  Download ExtendedDataGrid
(the files are organized in subfolders)