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CSDC analyses the incongruencies of the materialistic conception of the mind and man, on the basis of our scientific knowledges about brain and matter. This analysis points out how our present scientific knowledges, contrary to a very common opinion, exclude that the brain can generate consciousness, which existence implies the presence in man of a unbiological/unmaterial entity. The problem of consciousness is then strictly connected to the one of the existence of the soul.

Mind and brain: A scientific discussion
leading to the existence of the soul

by Marco Biagini
Ph.D. in Solid State Physics

Scientific contradictions in materialism:
emergent and holistic properties, complexity, etc.

by Marco Biagini
Ph.D. in Solid State Physics

Are there any scientifically proved miracles?
Does the existence of the universe imply the existence of God?
Can science explain consciousness in the future?...

Read here Dr. Biagini's answers to these and many other questions.

Some comments by our visitors:

"Dear Prof. Biagini, I agree with much of what you write, especially the non-reductionist aspect of consciousness."

Chris Corbally, SJ
Adjunct Associate Professor
The University of Arizona,
Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory

"Dear Dr. Biagini, I have read with great interest your arguments, and I fully agree."

Prof. Antonino Cucinotta     www.peoplephysics.com

"Dear Dr. Biagini, my chief research interest is in neuroethics, so I plan to visit your site often!"

Linda K. Bevington,
Director of Research,
The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

"Marco, thank you for your long, detailed discussion. I had never seen a proof of the existence of God based on the psychical life, and I found it very interesting."

Karl Kuhn,
Professor Emeritus,
Eastern Kentucky University,
Department of Physics.

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