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    During last century, scientific progresses have had a very strong impact upon our society, both in practical applications in several different fields (such as transport, telecomunications, medicine, etc.) and on our culture, where today science plays a greater and greater role. Though mass media often deal with science, their approach is usually too fragmentary and superficial, and they seem to worry more about audience than information; rather than a true scientific information, they often offer a show-science, where true scientific results are mixed with speculations wihout any scientific foundations. Besides, some scientists, taking advantage of the scientific ignorance of most public, present their speculations as if they were scientific theories, publishing them in divulgative books.
    Many wrong ideas have then spread, and one of these concerns the relation between the psychical or mental life and the brain, that is between consciousness and matter. Many people in fact, believe that modern science has proved that our psychical life, consisting of sensations, emotions and thoughts, is the product of cerebral activity, while the truth is exactly the opposite: modern science proves that cerebral activity can generate no sensations, no emotions, no thoughts. It follows that the mind or psiche cannot be identified with the brain, but it results to be an unbiological/unmaterial entity, present in man. It is evident that the analysis of the phenomenon "consciousness" represents a contact point between science and faith, because it is strictly connected to the problem of the existence of an unmaterial/spiritual entity: the soul.
    CSDC arises as a free collabortion among scholars with the purpose to promote no-profit initiatives to divulge the scientific truth about consciousness, pointing out the scientific contraddictions of materialism and many diffused ideas. We have then published on our site two articles by Dr. Marco Biagini , which present an indepth analysis of the present status of our scientific knowledges about the problem of the relation between consciousness and matter. With a simple and fully understandable language, he explains the reasons why all natural sciences must be considered subordinated to the laws of physics, which represent the only first principles determining every physical, chemical or biological process. In particular, every molecular and biological process is determined uniquely by a specific group of physical laws, the laws of Quantum Electrodynamics, the scientific theory that has obtained the most general and precise experimental confirmations in all history.
    The discovery of the laws of Quantum Electrodynamics has represented a true turn in history; not only for the technological applications they have had (it is sufficient to mention that all electronic components are designed using quantum mechanics), but also because they give a consistent and complete explanation of all molecular processes, and therefore, also of all biological processes. The laws of Quantum Electrodynamics allow to establish that cerebral processes, just like every other molecular, chemical or electromagnetic process, can generate no sensations, no emotions, no thoughts; science denies then the basic hypothesis of materialism and confers scientificity to the unmaterial/spiritual nature of the psyche or soul.
    In our site you can find a FAQ section where the physicist Marco Biagini answers the visitors' questions; this section allows to investigate the faith-science problem, through questions such as "Are there any scientifically proved miracles?", "Does the existence of the universe imply the existence of God?", "Can science explain God?", "Can science establish which is the true religion?", "Can science explain consciousness in the future?", and many others. If you want to ask any questions or simply make any comments or suggestions, you can click here. Through the collaboration of scientists and scholars, we answer every question privately, even scientific curiosities not correlated to consciousness; in the FAQ section, we publish (of course anonymously) only questions of general interest, related to the problem of the existence of the psyche.

Mind and brain: A scientific discussion
leading to the existence of the soul

by Marco Biagini
Ph.D. in Solid State Physics

Scientific contradictions in materialism:
emergent and holistic properties, complexity, etc.

by Marco Biagini
Ph.D. in Solid State Physics