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Various objects (2): Predynastic and Early Dynastic knife-handles, mace-heads, combs
(Naqada IID1-Naqada IIIC2, c. 3450-2940 BC)
by Francesco Raffaele
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This is only a summary of some of my website images (discussed in other pages of the site).
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Some objects said to be from one tomb at Gebelein (J.E. Quibell, ASAE 2, 131f.) Late Naqada IIC/early IID1
4 objects from Gebelein (?), Naqada IID1

Abydos, tomb U-503 knife-handle (reference on the image)
Abydos, tomb U-503 knife-handle
Brooklyn Museum ivory knife and handle (09.889.118) Abu Zeidan tomb B32
Brooklyn Museum knife-handle (09.889.118) Abu Zeidan t. B32
Gebel el Arak knife-handle (Louvre Mus. E11517)
Gebel el Arak knife-handle
Sayala thin gold cover of macehandle (cemet. 137, tomb 1)
Sayala gold tubular cover of a mace-handle from cemetery 137 tomb 1
Berlin ivory handle (15137)
Ivory knife-handle
(Berlin Mus. 15137)
Davis Comb (Metropolitan Mus. of Art, New York, 30.8.224)
Davis Comb (MMA 30.8.224)
Carnarvon Knife-handle
Carnarvon Knife-handle
Hierakonpolis relief decorated ivories (cylinders, tusks, bones and other implements) Quibell, Hierakonpolis Pt. 1, pl. 12-17
Hierakonpolis ivories (IIIA-C1)
H. Whitehouse,  A Decorated Knife Handle from the 'Main Deposit' at Hierakonpolis, in: MDAIK 58, 2002, p. 429, fig. 1, pl 46
Handle, Oxford E4975 (Hierakonpolis)
Bearer Macehead (UC 14898A) Hierakonpolis (Quibell, Hierakonpolis pt. I, pl. 26A)
Bearer Macehead (UC 14898A)
Royal Macehead from Hierakonpolis (UC 14898)
Hierakonpolis Royal Macehead
(London, UC 14898)

Scorpion macehead Ashmolean Mus. Oxford E3632 (photo by Jon Bodsworth)
Scorpion macehead

Narmer macehead, from Hieraconpolis (Main Deposit)
Narmer macehead

Photo by Jon Bodsworth

Djet's Comb (Cairo Museum JdE 47176) (note: the image preview is vertically mirrored)
Djet comb
(Cairo JdE 47176)