UC 19603 (=Petrie, RT II, pl. III.8)

Petrie, R.T. II, pl.10.2, pl. 3A.5
Legge, PSBA 29, 18-23 + pl.
Vikentiev, BIE 32, 202
Schott, Hieroglyphen, pl. 7, fig. 14
Vandier, Manuel I, 837
Weill, I re Dynastie II, 1, 61ff.
Helck, Thinitenzeit, 148
O'Connor, Expedition 29:1, 33f., fig.11
Jimenez-Serrano, Royal Festivals, 57-60
Aha 3
Kahl 284a
(cf. Aha 4)

Abydos B18(Narmer) / B19(Hor-Aha)
(Philadelphia, University Museum E9396;
cm 9,4 x 7; ebony; red paint filling incisions)

UC19603 fragment

For a new interpretation/reading of the first event on (the left of) the second register of this label, cf. my commentary of Djet 16 label, note 13a.











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