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Main Egyptological Links
by Francesco Raffaele - I.U.O., Napoli
(Jan. - 2008)
Toutankhamon Magazine

DIGITAL EGYPT A wonderful new site with 3d Reconstructions, photos, vrml 2 models, on Early Dynastic Egypt, Tarkhan, Abydos, Hierakonpolis: This site must be considered for a long tour by all those who like ny site; it contains material that I was considering to insert in my site (sites' and tombs' maps and 3d reconstructions). Many great photos and a vast bibliography. It is still growing and it ll become one of the top reference sites for Egyptology on-line when more sections of it will be concluded.
But already now you ll have a lot of things to learn by this site; some 2D and 3D models of Tarkhan tombs and their virtual nice rendering are really a path to follow for all of us!

with the whole collection on-line !!! !!! !!!

Chicago Oriental Institute's ABZU is one of the largest Egyptological sites: it has Regional and Author indices and hundreds of on-line old books of Egyptology freely downloadable. ANE is the section containing the Or. Institute discussions Archives (All Near East).
***New books uploaded in Abzu/Etana (in PDF format): W.M.F. Petrie, Prehistoric Egypt (1920); Petrie, Tarkhan I and Memphis V (1913); W.M.F. Petrie - J. E. Quibell, Naqada and Ballas (1896), J. E. Quibell, Hierakonpolis I (1900)*** Search the index for more.

HIERAKONPOLIS ONLINE is dedicated to one of the most important Predynastic Egyptian sites. There are many interesting pages with informations on the most important "localities" of the site, as the HK29A temple, the 'Amratian house', the important élite cemetery at HK 6, the working class cemetery (HK 43), the mudbrick 'Fort' of Khasekhemwy, rock art, flint mines, kilns, a brewery, later periods private tombs, bibliography of the site... But the most precious improvement has been the decision to put all the past issues of NEKHEN NEWS on line in PDF format: the journal is a small pearl full of interesting articlets on the HK sites, cemeteries and finds, as the earliest known mummies, the Elephant burial in HK loc. 6, Giraffes in AE, the survey of the Second Dynasty "Fort" of Khasekhemwy, the Narmer Palette and many more: therefore, to quote a playful motto in NN, "don't be a missing member", join the Friends of Nekhen.
         [Also read about the recent Hierakonpolis Expeditions in Renée Friedman's reports on ] This is a great site in Spanish language. Anyone who should spend some time browsing through its pages would certainly often return to visit it: many articles on several different topics (religion, mythology, arts, history, geography,writing, language, games, various) all the Pyramids, image galleries ( e.g. CAIRO MUSEUM Early Dynastic objects ), Museums list, CD-roms. PHOTOS:
There is also a translation of some pages from my site (Dynasty 00, 0) in the History section. An outstanding site.

The Ancient Egypt site by Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer is one of the best (and earliest) personal sites in the genere; there is a good glossary and it' s of high value its section dealing with Saqqara Early Dynastic period. Wide bibliography of almost 500 books and great links-section. This was the first website I've ever visited on the Internet. Still one of the top ten Internet websites on Ancient Egypt.

EEF contains Archives News and Archives(downloadable in zip format) of Discussions in Egyptian archaeology matters,
and lists of World egyptological Institutions. There is still much more: one of the 10 most useful Egyptology websites.

SAQQARA ONLINE A new fantastic website on this marvellous site with history of excavations and reports of the current excavations at the tomb of Meryneith.
Also see the associated FRIENDS OF SAQQARA foundation webpages with many informations on their initiatives and publications (The Saqqara Newsletter).

 Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organisation (ECHO) - What is ECHO - Projects and Events -
This Website and the related project (conceptualised by F. Hassan and G.J. Tassie) is a very important achievement for Egyptology and for Egypt itself.

ANSE-EGYPT. Associazione Napoletana di Studi Egittologici (A.N.S.E.)
An association aiming to promote and support scientific and didactic activities related to ancient Egyptian civilization.
I am one of the four founding members of this association and I'm also the webmaster of this website (which pages are available both in English and Italian language). We are organizing an International Conference in 2008 here in Napoli (abstracts will be on-line in the site within the next months) and further initiatives.You'll also find papers (some PDF Egypt books will soon be made available) and our Photo Galleries.


EGYPTOLOGY NEWS by Andie Byrnes is an extremely useful blog about Ancient Egypt (Prehistoric and Historic periods). Highly recommended !

This website is based on an academic paper by the author, aiming to gather informations about Prehistoric and Predynastic Fayum (and related areas') geology and archaeology. The site (and the paper) will be continuously updated, but even in its present state (version 2.1) it undoubtedly ranks as one of the most useful resources actually available on-line for Predynastic Egypt and surely the WWW top-reference about Prehistoric/Predynastic Fayum, West Delta and Southern Cairo region.
The site is well done, the structure of the paper is professional, the data provided and the overall treatment of the subjects is exact, up to date, pleasantly written and of great interest. Nine Appendices (with relative and absolute chronological tables and more) and a large bibliography close the work which is of invaluable importance for anyone who wants to gain a precise idea of past and present day predynastic studies and field researches in this area of L.E. / Northern U.E.  The only lacuna is in the images apparatus: due to an obvious question of copyrights, it hasn't been possible to retain on the website the original paper images, thus it is only correlated by small photos. Needless to rehearse that the core of this outstanding work is in the textual informations on cultural phases, industries, 'economies', archaeological sites and their peoples' activities. I mostly like the 'Chalcolitic' and the 'Naqada II/III' chapters in the 'Archaeology' section. The whole work is a serious scholarly synthesis which will be certainly very useful for trained Egyptologists yet also accessible to the lay-man.

EGYPT PORTAL by Andie Byrnes (see below for the link to a fourth website of her).
This portal on Ancient Egypt presents a selection of the most interesting scientific websites grouped into nine categories.
NEWS (for which I recommend to check Andie's own "Egyptology News" blog for more widely discussed updates on New discoveries and other daily infos); AREAS AND SITES (to search for websites focussed on restricted geographical areas or single archaeological sites); PERIODS (a list of useful sites concerned with particular Prehistoric and Historic periods of AE); ACADEMIC PAPERS (Some articles which are available on-line); GEOLOGY (websites dealing with AE from a geological perspective); INTERACTIVE (Websites which use computer technologies, 3D reconstructions, the Internet, and other informatic tools and media to help understanding AE culture; HIEROGLYPHS (sites about learning AE language and writing, related on-line papers, text editor softwares, fonts); IMAGES (Egypt Photo galleries); INSTITUTIONS (Museums and other Egyptological institutions).
Congratulations to Andie for this further, very useful guide.

THE INTERNATIONAL POTMARK WORKSHOP is a new born website focussed on proto/early dynastic potmarks ("pseudo-script" signs - incised on pottery before it was fired- the purpose of which hasn't been yet definitively ascertained). Created after an idea and the signs-corpus collection laid down by Edwin van den Brink, the website features a database of nearly all of the known signs, full bibliography and an interactive Forum where you can discuss your own and other ones' opinions on this seemingly pictographic device, about any period of Ancient Egyptian history in which it was used (late IVth to late IInd Millennium BC).

Database of Early Dynastic inscriptions by Ilona Regulski
Extremely useful database of all the known Egyptian hieroglyphic inscriptions from the earliest evidence (early Naqada III) to early IIIrd Dynasty (Djoser).

Nabil Swelim
New website (english and arabic language) by Cairo Egyptologist Nabil Swelim. Many articles (Minor Step Pyramids; Dry Moat around Djoser's S.P. complex), photographs, memories. Having the honor to know him, I can tell this is a great person besides an Egyptologist with about 50 years of experience in the field!

KAFR HASSAN DAWOOD on-line A Website on this very important site for the Late Predynastic period excavated since 1995 to present by prof. Fekri A. Hassan and his team. The site features site location and formation, excavations history, 1995 to 1999 fieldwork reports and pages on KHD and the Egyptian State formation (on this latter topic Prof. F. Hassan has written outstanding articles), artefacts, photos and bibliography. Really an exemplar website.

Absolute Egyptology
This site by Ottar Vendel has wide sections on Dyn. 0-17 and more under constructions. The descriptions are journalistic and precise, the scanned photos and plans are from specialistic books too, and the general treatment goes straight to the essential features. Also the section on the Gods' outfits and attributes is well done. Congratulations!!!.

GUARDIAN'S EGYPT is also a very important site with a section by Dr. Zahi Hawass; there's also a Bulletin Board in which several discussions on various Ancient Egypt topics are open to everyone.

ARCHEOGATE Il portale Italiano dell' Archeologia. Egittologia ma anche altre discipline archeologiche e filologiche.
Diretto dal Prof. Alessandro Roccati, direzione editoriale del dott. Bruno Alberton.

Intute is a free online service providing you with access to the very best Web resources for education and research, selected and evaluated by a network of subject specialists. The service is brought to you by a consortium of UK universities and partners. Subject specialists select and evaluate the websites in our database and write high quality descriptions of the resources. The database contains 116932 records.

THE BRITISH MUSEUM - Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan. Online Journal with articles freely available and downloadable in PDF format. A brilliant enterprise of Nigel Strudwick.

AMIGOS DE LA EGIPTOLOGIA A vast and very interesting portal of Egyptology (in Spanish).
There are many sections with various articles in each one, on all topics and period. For those who don't read spanish the site is also worth of visit: Image Galleries (High quality pics) and Videos are wonderful.
A MUST !!!

Another Brilliant website in Spanish is which is really a "Guía completa de Egipto y el Museo egipcio en El Cairo.

THE GATEWAT TO EGYPTOLOGY IN URUGUAY contains links to various institutes of Egyptology in Uruguay. There are also scanned articles of Egyptology by Dr. J. Castillos (Abydos Predynastic and Matmar, Mostagedda and Badari). There is a lot to learn in this portal.

EGYPTIAN MONUMENTS by Su and Tony Bayfield is a superb website/guide to many Egyptian sites and monuments.

Reeder's Egyptology : This site has some on-line articles (THE TOMB of NIANKHKHNUM and KHNUMHOTEP, The TEKENW, The MUU), image galleries, a giant list of Website-Links and the full index of the Egyptological Journal which I consider the best one among those born in the last 6-7 years (along with Archéo-Nil) : KMT, A modern Journal of Egyptology. (By Greg Reeder)
AEL is one of the best in discussions on Ancient Egyptian language matters.
ANCIENT EGYPT: An Introduction to its History and Culture This site is an introduction to all the aspects of the Ancient Egyptian Culture; although spanning many topics it's never superficial.One of the best Egyptological sites I ve found this year. [New LINK]
Saqqara, La Pyramide à Degrés by J.M. Mercier is a very beautiful site with material on Netjeryhet,Sekhemhet,Imhotep...
and J.P. Lauer.

The Antiquity of Man Exploring human evolution and the dawn of civilisation. Great site with many articles. By Mike Brass (this website was Ancient Egypt and World Prehistory ). A MUST for those who are interested in Predynastic and Early Dynastic- Old Kingdom Egypt !!!!

The Emergence of Civilization Carefully analyze these lectures by Dr. Bruce Owen on the Birth of Civilization in Egypt and elsewhere. They' are really very teaching. There are also lectures on Archaeology, 'Theory of theories',Origins of Agricolture.
SPRING 2001 page; here is the FALL 2001 updated page.

ON-LINE BOOK on Egyptian Late Predynastic decorated artifacts interpretations:
WHITNEY DAVIS, Masking the Blow. The Scene of Representation in Late Prehistoric Egyptian Art (Berkeley, 1992).

Pyramid Texts Online (UNAS Pyramid Texts) by Vincent Brown (with plates from A. Piankoff, 'The Pyramid of Unas' 1968).

The website of the fantastic annual journal SAHARA - Those who love this desert, with its wonderful sites, cultures and art, will literally find gold through the pages of this important review (n. 1 appeared in 1988): reports of archaeological expeditions into some of the most remote and inaccessible places on Earth (which until few thousands years ago was a huge live savannah), professional articles on Rock-art, Prehistory and pre-Islamic History of Sahara, Monuments, megaliths, writings and several color photos especially of what can be considered the earliest African "art" masterpieces: the rock graffiti and paintings and the mysterious figurative real and mythical world they do represent (not less astonishing than the Lascaux or the Australian paintings).

FJ EXPEDITIONS / THE LIBYAN DESERT HOME-PAGE: For those who want to access on-line the marvellous world of the Eastern Sahara. "This website is dedicated to the Libyan Desert (or Eastern Sahara), one of the least explored and most strikingly beautiful places on this planet". By András Zboray, Fliegel Jezerniczky Expeditions, Budapest.
If you want to start an on-line exploration of the Sahara this is IMO definitively the website to start from (also see its links), containing multiple sections on its Geography, Archaeology, Rock Art, History and History of the Explorations, Flora & Fauna.

PREHISTORIC & PREDYNASTIC EGYPT - is a new website on Prehistoric-Predynastic Egypt by Andie Byrnes. The site already features nice text and images sections but many more pages are already in preparation: so direct your browsers on it.
Congratulations (see above for more links to her pages-sites).

Ägypten - ein Erlebnis!
This website in German language is a mine of informations on Pharaohs, Pyramids, royal necropolis, kings' names, gods, history, literature and more. GREAT site!


Egypt Photos

THE EGYPT ARCHIVE Another incredible collection of images by Jon Bodsworth. Giza, Saqqara, Abusir, Dahshur, Meidum; Museums images: Cairo, BM London, Petrie Mus., Ashmolean, Louvre.
NO COMMENT ! Only Thank you Jon.

THE PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT (once named PHOTOGRAPHS OF EGYPT) has WONDERFUL photographic galleries in Cairo Museum, at Giza, Abusir, Saqqara, Dahshur, Meidum. By Frank P. Roy

GIZA VIEW is another "PANORAMIC" site with professional images; hard to find an equal on books. By Jon Bodsworth.

TOMBES ET MASTABAS de l'EGYPTE ANCIENNE has many reconstructions of OK and NK private and royal tombs with great photos and some virtual 3D models. This website is a little TRASURE and when further "tombs-tours" are available it might become a MONUMENT itself... Also the other sites in the same Webring do deserve more than a quick view.

IMMAGINI DALL' EGITTO a cura della Dott.ssa Stefania Sofra. Sito da vedere per le bellissime gallerie di Immagini. This website has beautiful galleries (accompained by large text) on pharaonic, coptic, islamic, modern Egypt, Sinai and Oasis.

EGYPT PHOTOS (NEW) and EGYPT ONLINE contain a huge amount of images of Egyptian landscapes ... presents: WWW.ANTIGUOEGIPTO.COM (Photo Archive)
Uploaded (and more in course of uploading) on this new server, several photo-galleries on Egyptian archaeological sites and Museums. By Juan de la Torre Suárez and Teresa Soria Trastoy.

EGYPT ANCIENT HISTORY has a collection of archaeological sites (classified by period) as seen from satellite photographs provided by Google Earth.

THOTWEB EGYPTOLOGIE Too long to explain in few words. This portal is very useful and full of informations. Just go. TOUR EGYPT NET is also a very good site with many useful notes and articles.

Egyptvoyager is a beautiful new site on many aspects of ancient and modern Egypt.

AIGYPTOS Eine Datenbank zur Literaturrecherche im Fachgebiet Aegyptologie
Database of the Egyptological publications since 1990 to present by the Institute of Egyptology in Munich

EGITTOLOGIA.NET: portale Italiano su Antico Egitto, Egittologia Mar Rosso. Con articoli, foto, forum, News.


Egyptology Resources has at this page the e-mail addresses of hundreds of egyptologists in the world; also links to articles as well as to downloadable stuff are present. One of the first and most important Egyptology servers on the web!

Annual Egyptological Bibliography is what the title says: the list of all Egyptological books and articles published each year in the world !

THE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ANCIENT EGYPT If you are looking for Egyptology Books' reviews jump fast to this URL !    There are also articles on other topics (Narmer Palette and more) by Francesca Jourdan.

ARCHAEOLOGY RESOURCES Aarchaeology related news, books and web resources.

DREAMSCAPE SITE GUIDE: A giant database of many topics, not only Ancient Egypt


Another useful site-group is the one by Pietro Testa from Naples; his pages provide accurate reconstructions (in drawings as well as in 2D/3D graphics virtual-paths)of many Old Kingdom funerary complexes (all written in french).The first site linked,the last one the author created, has updated links to all his own sites on the architecture of the Old Kingdom Funerary complex.
This is THE BEST SITE (group) ON THE WEB about Ancient Egyptian Architecture in the Old Kingdom :

Giza (Complexe de Cheops)
Le complexe funéraire du roi Chéfren à Gîza Mykérinus à Gîza Khent-kaous à Gîza
Meidum (Huni-Snofru)
Khufu pyr. Queen chamber
Saqqara - Pepi II
Projecting for the pharaohs
Sahura at Abusir
Shepseskaf complex
Snofru at Dahshur North and South (Red Pyr. and Bent Pyr.)
Unis at Saqqara
*** Tomb Robberies Website (Pietro Testa - Anna Buonanno) in French
*** The Battle of Megiddo (Pietro Testa - Anna Buonanno) in French
L'ESPRIT DE L'ANCIENNE EGYPTE (Pietro Testa - Anna Buonanno) in French

In ITALIANO: EGITTOLOGIA.NET portale Egittologico interamente in lingua italiana, molto ricco di informazioni e interessante.


AEGYPTISCHE SAMMLUNGEN This is a very wide collection of images from Berlin Museum and many other German collections. From all the periods of Egyptian History and in number of Hundreds divided in various galleries !!! !!! !!!
Ancient Egypt is full of links. This is a good page to search for thematics (like Search Engine's Directories)
It belongs to the The Net's Educational Resource Center which features links in many other categories.

Amigos de la Egyptologia en Argentina : a site from that land in South America, where Egyptology has many followers !!! This has Topographical Bibliography in it (For now only "Unprovenanced Objects : Statues" is available)


NEW JERSEY EGYPTOLOGY by Mark Warden who also manages the Newsgroup NJES This site has beautiful pages on all the Dynasties, Genealogies ... (in Polish and English)

Ancient Egypt Online, is a growing resource covering; history, architecture, society, language and religion. As well as Gardiner's complete list of hieroglyphs, the site has detailed tutorials to help anyone learn this fascinating ancient language. The site also includes detailed pages on many of the gods, goddesses and pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and many beautiful pictures.

THE DAILY GRAIL is an useful Portal of Egyptology; it has an interesting FORUM which is worth more than a quick look.

The UPUAUT Project is an interesting reconstruction of Khufu pyramid by Upuaut robots enhancements; it also uses a
shortly downloadable CAD plugin (NO VIRUS) that makes the browser turn to a kind of Auto/Archi Cad for exploring
in vector-drawings (Infinitely zoomable) the internal of this monument. The site look is pretty good and original too.
By R. Gantenbrink

The Pyramids and Temples of Gizah (1983) by W.M.F. Petrie : Online book of the first measurements by Petrie at Giza.
The Altaegyptische Worterbuch can be unfolded in this german site
AEL is one of the best in discussions on linguistic matters
EEF contains Archives News and Archives(downloadable in zip format) of Discussions in Egyptian archaeology matters,
and lists of World egyptological Institutions.
Egypt WWW Index
is an interesting Polish website (in english language too) - Tell el Farkha Polish excavations
Early Egyptian Burial Customs is devoted to the Early dynastic-protodynastic sepultures and burial objects
Center for computer aided Egyptological Research (CCER) has a lot of utilities,fonts,lists,databases and many other things.
Egyptology Links is just what the title says
This one is a site of the Scottish excavations at Saqqara
The IFAO site
The Museums with Egyptian Culture pieces
The PYRAMID TEXTS vol. 1 and vol. 2 are the K. Sethe Pyramid Texts (end V, VI, VIII dyn) copies
The COFFIN TEXTS of Middle Kingdom Sarcophags
The Egyptologists Gazette
EES is full of news, digging diaries and Egypt Exploration Society 's Publications (J.E.A.)
Theban Mapping project has already many King Valley tombs pages with 3d reconstructions and panoramic views
The BRITISH MUSEUM New Homepage has in this section its Egyptian collections presentation
The Louvre Museum has an easily accesible collection of egyptian masterpieces on line
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The CAIRO EGYPTIAN MUSEUM (this one in spanish) is one of the best pages on the
Greatest Egyptian Museum



Guardian's Egypt Guardian's Egypt Bulletin Board


New Jersey Egyptoplogy

NEW: The Ancient Near Eeastern Chronology Forum

Forum of Amun

See also EEF and AEL above

OTHER (Egypt books Store) (Egypt books store)

The Italian Egyptbooks of Turin has in its first page links to other scores of Egyptian Museums in the world
A list of Egyptian Monuments and Places is here
An Ancient World Search Engine is ARGOS
Search engines : Among the best are Google, Altavista.
and the meta searcher (using more engines) : Metacrawler , Mamma ; the directoriesOpen Directory, Looksmart.

is a site entirely devoted to metrology and ancient measures with some theories which are very well presented. See in particular the article on the "Saddle-back roof" sketch (B. Gunn, A.S.A.E. 26).

A Mirror of my Present site is at Digilander  - SITE DOMAIN :

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Links to other sites

Writing and Languages


Ancient Scripts of the World by Lawrence and Christine Lorentz is a top-level site for the World Writing Systems subject. Many ancient scripts are analysed by the authors; it could be said that this site is the web correspondent of the Daniels and Bright edited book (more than 900 pages): 'The World's Writing Systems' published the same year in which this site was born. Some of the single Scripts treated in this site have websites of their own, but I am quite sure that there are few sites including so many detailed pages on circa 40 scripts. (Please inform me if you find anyother one like this) .There are also sections on Phonetics, Historical Linguistics, Bibliography & web links, a Java game: Cryptoglyph.You must visit this one !

has links to dictionaries and grammars of more than 200 languages, ancient as well as modern.

Proto Language is a must for all those who are interested in the reconstruction of protoindoeuropean, nostratic ....

The same author has another very interenting site about the Proto-Religion.