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Cairo-Brooklyn palette fragments
Cairo J.E. 46148; (main fragment, above)
Brooklyn 66.175 (smaller fragm., below)
Abydos ?
Cairo Fragment: h. 14,5 cm, w. 11,5 cm.
Brooklyn fragment: h. 8,3 cm (2,2 thick)
reconstructed total height c. 55-60 cm

W. Von Bissing, Archiv fur Orientforschung 6, 1931, 1-2 (Cairo 46148 fragm.)
H.G. Fischer, Ancient Egyptian Representations of Turtles, (MMA papers. n. 13), 1968, 20, n. 54, pl. 9 (below) (Cairo 46148 fr.)
B. von Bothmer, A New Fragment of an Old Palette JARCE 8, 1969, 5-8 (Brooklyn)
W. Needler, Predyn. and Archaic objects in the Brooklyn mus. p. 332-334 (Brooklyn)

[On the verso a N.K. sunk-relief scene of Amenhotep III; Queen Tiye's cartouche and head. According to H. Fischer "...I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the added inscription is more likely the work of a modern forger than an artisan of the Eighteenth Dynasty. The style of the two uraei, each of which wears a Lower Egyptian crown, is particularly suspicious, as is the ambiguous form of the animals behing them; it is not clear whether the latter are intended to be lions or calves" (H.G. Fischer, op. cit., 1968, p. 20, note 24).
Fischer (loc. cit., n. 54) also quotes "a more doubtful case of the same kind": a predynastic palette with Men-kheper-Ra (Thutmosis III) cartouche in Leiden Museum (F1938/10.23).

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