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G Alberti, Social Organization and Community Practices. Analysis for a Reconstruction of the Social Structure of the Aeolian Communities During the Middle Bronze Age (in Italian) (2012) -abstract-
PhD Dissertation, University of Udine. Supervisor: Prof. Elisabetta Borgna

G Alberti, La ceramica eoliana della facies del Milazzese. Studio crono-tipologico e culturale sulla base dei dati editi da Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea, Salina. With English summary. (The Aeolian Milazzese facies’ ceramic assemblage: a chrono-typological and cultural study on the basis of the published evidences from Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea and Salina).

Published in British Archaeological Reports: BAR IS 1767 2008
ISBN 9781407302560
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Postscriptum: On the Chronology of the Aegean Imports from Thapsos t.2 (PDF)
Errata Corrige (PDF file)
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G Alberti, The aid of Bayesian radiocarbon modeling in assessing the chronology of Middle Bronze Age Sicily at the site level. A case study,
in Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 2 2015, 246-256 -article-

G Alberti, Modeling group size and scalar stress by logistic regression from an archaeological perspective,
in PLoS ONE 9(3) 20014, e91510 -article-

G Alberti, Issues in the absolute chronology of the Early-Middle Bronze Age transition in Sicily and southern Italy. A Bayesian radiocarbon view,
in Journal of Quaternary Science 28(6) 2013, 630-640

G Alberti, An R Script to Facilitate Correspondence Analysis. A Guide to the Use and the Interpretation of Results from an Archaeological Perspective,
in Archeologia e Calcolatori 24 2013, 25-53 -article-

G Alberti, Making Sense of Contingency Tables in Archaeology: the Aid of Correspondence Analysis to Intra-site Activity Areas Research,
in Journal of Data Science 11(3) 2013, 479-499 -article-

G Alberti, A Bayesian 14C Chronology of Early and Middle Bronze Age in Sicily. Toward an Independent Absolute dating,
in Journal of Archaeological Science 45(5) 2013, 2502-2514 -preview-

G Alberti, Radiocarbon Evidence from the Middle Bronze Age Settlement at Portella (Aeolian Islands, Italy): Chronological and Archaeological Implications,
in Radiocarbon 53 (1) 2011, 1-12 -preview-

G Alberti, Material Culture and People. Some methodological remarks on the study of the Aeolian Middle Bronze Age settlement contexts,
in Proceedings of SOMA 2011-15th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Catania, March 3-5 2011 -abstract- (accepted for publication, but not finally submitted)

G Alberti, review of R.D. Drennan, Statistics for Archaeologists. A Common Sense Approach (2nd edition), New York 2009,
in American Journal of Archaeology 114(4) 2010 -review-

G Alberti, review of D. Tanasi, La Sicilia e l'arcipelago maltese nell'età del Bronzo Medio, Palermo 2008,
in American Journal of Archaeology 113(3) 2009 -review-

G Alberti, There is “something Cypriot in the air”. Some thoughts on the problem of the Base Ring pottery and other Cypriot items from (local) Middle Bronze Age contexts in Sicily,
in A. MCCARTHY (ed.), Island dialogues: proceedings of the Postgraduate Cypriot Archaeology Conference (POCA), 2006, University of Edinburgh Archaeology Occasional Papers 21 (ISSN 0144-3133), Edinburgh 2008, 130-153 -article-

G Alberti, review of C.J. Bergoffen, The Cypriot Bronze Age Pottery from Sir Leonard Wooley's Excavations at Alalakh (Tell Atchana),Vienna 2005,
in American Journal of Archaeology 112(1) 2008 -review-

G Alberti, Minima thapsiana. Riflessioni sulla cronologia dell’abitato di Thapsos,
in Rivista di Scienze Preistoriche LVII 2007, 363-376 -article -

G Alberti, review of M.C. Martinelli (a cura di), Il villaggio dell’età del Bronzo medio di Portella a Salina nelle Isole Eolie (Firenze 2005),
in American Journal of Archaeology 111, 2, 2007, 373-374 -review-

G Alberti, Per una “gerarchia sociale” a Thapsos: analisi contestuale delle evidenze funerarie e segni di stratificazione,
in Rivista di Scienze Preistoriche LVI 2006, 369-427 -article -

G Alberti, review of A. Vianello, Late Bronze Age Mycenaean and Italic Products in the West Mediterranean. A social and economic analysis, BAR-IS 1439, Oxford 2005,
in European Journal of Archaeology 9(1) 2006, 134-137 -review-

G Alberti, The earliest contacts between south-eastern Sicily and Cyprus in the Late Bronze Age,
in R. LAFFINEUR, E. GRECO (eds.), Emporia. Aegeans in Central and Eastern Mediterranean, Proceedings of 10th International Aegean Conference (Athens, 14-18 April 2004), Aegaeum 25, Eupen 2005, 343-351 -article-

G Alberti, Contributo alla seriazione delle necropoli siracusane,
in V. LA ROSA (a cura di), Le presenze micenee nel territorio siracusano, Bottega D’Erasmo-Aldo Ausilio Editore, Padova 2004, 99-170 -article-

G Alberti, review of M. Sannazaro (a cura di), Ricerche archeologiche nei cortili dell’Università Cattolica. La necropoli tardoantica, Milano 2001, and of S. Lusuardi Siena- M. P. Rossignani (a cura di), Ricerche archeologiche nei cortili dell’Università Cattolica. Dall’antichità al Medioevo. Aspetti insediativi e manufatti. Milano 2003,
in Orpheus XXV 2004, 227-232

Articles in preparation

G Alberti, Sul frammento miceneo dalla necropoli del Molinello presso Augusta (Siracusa).

Contributions in Edited Monographs

G Alberti, Material Culture and People. Some Methodological Remarks on the Study of Aeolian Middle Bronze Age Settlement Contexts,
in P. Militello-H. Öniz (eds), SOMA 2011 Proceedings of the 15th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, held at the University of Catania 3-5 March 2011, BAR S2695 2015 (ISBN 9781407313443), 2015, 185-195

G Alberti, Brocche Base Ring II da contesti del Bronzo Medio in Sicilia: produzione levantina, cipriota, o locale? Alcune considerazioni,
in A. M. Jasink-L. Bombardieri (eds), ΆΚΡΟΘΙΝΙΑ Contributi di giovani ricercatori italiani agli studi egei e ciprioti, Firenze University Press (in press)

G Alberti, Comparative cultural-chronological chart (Sicily, Aeolian Archipelago, Late Helladic Greece),
in F. Privitera - V. La Rosa (eds), In Ima Tartara. Preistoria e leggenda delle grotte dell'Etna, Palermo 2008 (ISBN: 978-88-6164-005-4), p. 28


G Alberti, The Middle Bronze Age in the Aeolian Archipelago. The Milazzese pottery repertoire and the Aegean component (in Italian) (2007)
MA Thesis, University of Lecce. Supervisor: Prof. Riccardo Guglielmino

G Alberti, The Thapsos facies in the area of Syracuse (Sicily). The problem of the Aegean component. (In Italian) (2002) -see preview at
BA Thesis,
University of Catania. Supervisor: Prof. Vincenzo La Rosa

Unpublished Studies

G Alberti, Bronze Items from the Thapsos’ cemetery. External links, Elites, and Status Symbols. (in Italian) (2007)
University of Lecce. Supervisor: Prof. Riccardo Guglielmino

G Alberti, The interaction between Greeks and Native People in eastern Sicily. New light on the funerary inventories from Monte Finocchito cemetery near Noto. (in Italian) (2006)
University of Lecce. Supervisor: Prof. Maria Grazie Semeraro

G Alberti, The Middle Bronze Age in Sicily. A Comparison between the Thapsos and Milazzese facies. (in Italian) (2006)
University of Lecce. Supervisor: Prof. Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri

G Alberti, Data from the Survey in the territory of the Greek polis of Eloro (Noto). (in Italian) (2005)
University of Lecce. Supervisor: Prof. Marcello Guaitoli

G Alberti, Interpretation of the aero photogrammetric documentation of the territory near Eloro (Noto). (in Italian) (2005)
University of Lecce. Supervisor: Prof. Giuseppe Ceraudo

G Alberti, Domestic Architecture at Morgantina (Aidone). Dynamics of development and transformation between the Hellenistic and Roman Republican period. (in Italian) (2005)
University of Lecce. Supervisor: Prof. Liliana Giardino

G Alberti, Order vs Chaos? Some thoughts on the associations between theatric terracotta types in the Greek necropolis of Lipari. (in Italian) (2004)
University of Lecce. Supervisor: Prof. Adele Filippo

G Alberti, Symbolic value of the sacred landscape in Caria between IV-II cent. BC (in Italian) (2004)
University of Lecce. Supervisor: Prof. Francesco D’Andria

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‘ppd.plot’ (R function for R function for Posterior Probability Density plot of Bayesian modeled radiocarbon dates) -info-

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