... to the new shape of the PPC Overclock site!

Since this webpage had lots of hits even being unchanged for months and months, I decided to thank all the visitors with a brand new layout and with some more informations. All the new sections are directly derived from the articles I wrote on Amiga.it magazine for the Overclock Palace regular.


If you are italian, please support Amiga.it magazine, you can find the website here.
Also, I need a new fan for my BlizzardPPC, the one from Phase5 is now broken, and I can't find a replacement :-( so if you have one of them, I'll be very thankful if you could send it to me ;-)

Help Needed!

I have a problem with the javascript for the rollover images of the title: it works with every browser on Earth's face, but not on IBrowse2 on Amiga. I had a look at some other rollover javascripts (like the one on www.amiga.com), but I didn't find the difference. So if you are good with javascript, please help me to make it work also on IB2.