La storia dei globetrotters - The history of globetrotters - L'histoire des globe-trotteurs

A piedi da soli, giro del mondo - Walking alone, world tour




Anonima (forse olandese) - Giro del mondo in 5 anni.
Anonymous girl (from Holland?) - World tour in 5 years)
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Anonymous - Journalist - 1926-1936 giornalista.jpg (24205 bytes)
Anonymous (Holland) - World tour in 7 years, 1924 ol7y1924.jpg (14022 bytes)
Anonymous (Germany?) - World tour zufuss.jpg (26432 bytes)
Anonymous (Germania?) - Giro del mondo in 8 anni
Anonymous (Germany?) - World tour in 8 years.
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Anonimo australiano - Ha lasciato l'Australia nel 1912, ha visitato 25 paesi.
Anonymous from Australia - Left Australia 1912, visited 25 countries.
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Anonimo ungherese - giro del mondo, 1930/1940
Anonymus, Hungary - World tour, 1930/1940
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Anonimo - Viaggio attorno al mondo
Anonymous - Voyage round the world
Anonymous - Voyage autour du monde
Anonymus - Reise um die Welt


1910 c.

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Arizona Dan - The american cowboy tourist - Touring the World for a Wager of 10,000 Dollars arizonadan.jpg (18743 bytes)
Christ Pierre - Lussemburgo, 22 anni, boy-scout, giro del mondo, partito nel 1931
Christ Pierre - Luxembourg, 22 years old, Boy-Scout, world tour, started 1931
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Cibrowski cibrowski.jpg (112993 bytes)
Dann Demetrio dann.jpg (117539 bytes)
Deutchle Erwin - World tour, with the purpose to write a book. In this moment travelling across Europa, Turkei and Afrika. deutchle.jpg (151868 bytes)
Domingo Laveria Jean domingolaveria.jpg (183908 bytes)
Duchatelier Henry

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Filleul filleul.jpg (41493 bytes)
Franck Harry A. - Franck was one of the foremost travel writers of the first half of the twentieth century.  His first book, published in 1910, was "A Vagabond Joumey Around the World".  More books followed; his last published book (Rediscovering South America) came out in 1943.

Uno dei più prolifici scrittori di viaggio, Harry Franc, il "Principe dei Vagabondi"

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Gyekes Stephan - World tour 1930-1935 gyekes.jpg (44135 bytes)
Harting harting.jpg (128974 bytes)
Holzapfel holzapfel.jpg (115890 bytes)
Hosay hosay.jpg (113394 bytes)
Hoste Gustave hoste.jpg (120590 bytes)
Hugo hugo.jpg (98972 bytes)
Kallekad kallekad.jpg (117902 bytes)
Kampleth kampleth.jpg (110654 bytes)
Lelouvier lelouvier.jpg (85854 bytes)
Macker M. - L'Homme Trotter - L'Intrepide Marcheur", hauteur 2 m. 39 macker.jpg (110095 bytes)
Maglia Karl - He made a first time a world tour in 5,5 years. Then he made a secondo world tour, in 3,5 years, to win a price of 42,500 francs offer from "Societè Sportive Hollandaise".
See also a postcards in section "Pushing wheelbarrows,.." 


Vedi un'altra cartolina nella sezione "spingendo carrettini"

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Maxamor maxamor.jpg (20456 bytes)
Mikulec Joseph - Started from Croatia, Austrian Province, on Feb. 5, 1906, to walk 25,000 miles in five years. mikulec3.jpg (117990 bytes) mikulec2.jpg (95558 bytes) mikulec4.jpg (25867 bytes)


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Mosse Henry - France mosse.jpg (111991 bytes)
Pardon pardon.jpg (100951 bytes)
Paul Fernand paul.jpg (120214 bytes)
Pfeil Hugo pfeil.jpg (97689 bytes)
Preussler Paul preussler.jpg (14293 bytes)
Reindini Heinz reindini.jpg (92802 bytes)
Revel Laurent and his dog Caesar - First world tour 1898/1906, second started 1908. revel.jpg (40252 bytes)
Rodrigues Dora rodriguesdora.jpg (114121 bytes)
Rohmeyer Louis H. - Hannover - Shanghai 19.9.1913 rohmeyer.jpg (40389 bytes)
Schilling Geo - Vedi anche con oggetti schilling1.jpg (109059 bytes)
Schottstaedt Richard schottstaedt.jpg (101747 bytes)
Simon Gustave, Major simon.jpg (100214 bytes)
Stojar Martin - Prague. Start in 1919, he has now visited all european cities, walking for 100.000 kms. Sourd-muet.


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Terrat terrat.jpg (125545 bytes)
Van der I.O.G.T. Lid "Broedertrouw" voet.jpg (124125 bytes)
Van den Enden A. - From Holland. The last one of the three hollanders who started on a 15 years journey to every country in the world without money. In another postcard is with Mr. T.P. Osten, also from Holland. enden.jpg (87712 bytes)
Van der Toorn Dirk vandertoorn.jpg (122475 bytes)

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Winkler Lorenz winkler.jpg (160916 bytes)
Winterfeld Arturo - World tour, started in 1900, will finish in 1935. In first postcard he was 27 years old, in the second he was 31 years old.

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