La storia dei globetrotters - The history of globetrotters - L'histoire des globe-trotteurs

A piedi in gruppo, viaggi continentali o nazionali - Walking in groups, transcontinental or national tours




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Anonimi - Los Angeles to New York tramp endurance

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Aubrey Bert and Edwards Will - Europa Tour 1909 BERTAUBREYandWILLEDWARDS1909.jpg (23378 bytes)
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Cacchione Nicola e Balantuomo Giovanni - Due ciechi (blind), che con il solo aiuto della loro fedelissima Lilla (barbone siberiano), intraprendono il giro d'Italia a piedi, circa 3000 km.: Torino, Milano, Venezia, Ravenna, Firenze, Roma, Napoli, Sulmona, Chieti, Castellamare, Ancona, Rimini, Bologna, Modena, Firenze, Pontremoli, Spezia, Chiavari, Genova, Savona, Ventimiglia, Colle di Tenda, Cuneo, Torino. balantuomocacchione.jpg (107767 bytes)
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Clarke Mr and Mrs. - Coast to coast.

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Frisco Walkers - From Cranford to San Francisco friscowcranfordsfr.jpg (7973 bytes)
Harris John and wife - Walking 8000 miles to cure tubercolosis. harris.jpg (13267 bytes)
Hikers - The Hikers, T.P. Orchard and C.M. Kron, Walking 10,000 Miles From Santa Cruz, Cal. to Atlantic City, N.J. and Return - World's Champion Long Distance Walkers - Holders of World's Record for 100 Miles Time 21 Hrs. and 56 Min. 1913
In a first tour (Los Angeles-Boston 1912), the Hikers were Carl Kron and Philip E.Campbell, this is an article of 1912: PLUCKY YOUTHS TO 'HIKE' ACROSS CONTINENT
Los Angeles, June 10.--Philip E. Campbell, aged 22, and Carl Kron, 20 years old, started from Sixth and Broadway this afternoon on a 5000 mile "hike" across the continent.
These boys are to walk from Los Angeles to Boston on a $1000 wager offered by a relative of Campbell. They are to walk the entire distance in 180 days. They will go by way of Sacramento, Salt Lake, Pueblo, Omaha, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, North Adams and end their long journey at Campello, Mass.
Campbell visited the city hall yesterday to get credentials from Mayor Alexander. He says he has taken several long tramps, the last one being from Spokane to Los Angeles. His weight reduced from 150 to 128 pound on this trip.
Both Campbell and Kron are Boston lads. [jw]
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