La storia dei globetrotters - The history of globetrotters - L'histoire des globe-trotteurs

Viaggiatori in bicicletta - Bicycling





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Anonimi - Kobenhavn - Hamburg - Amsterdam kophamamst.jpg (21117 bytes)
Anonimi (USA) - 2000 miles on bicycle. Newark (NJ) - Dayton - Buffalo - Utica - Westfield - Newark 2000 miles1.jpg (55583 bytes)
Anonimi (Olanda) - Tour d'Europa e Africa in bicicletta, in 2 anni. Partiti da Amsterdam nel dicembre del 1927. olandesi.jpg (148775 bytes)
Anonimi (Olanda?) - The object of our journey round the world by cycle, is to make a study of Lands and Peoples.  marinai.jpg (134541 bytes)
Allen, Tomas G. and William L. Sachtleben - (America) Around the world
Route: Turkey (Konstantinopel (Istanbul)) - Desert Gobi - China (Peking) - ?

In 1890, two American college graduates set out to travel around the world on  bicycle. In 1893 they returned, have covered over 15,000 miles." This is their account their trip across Turkey, Persia, Turkestan and northern China.

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Birchmore Fred A. - World tour, 1935 birchmore.jpg (42859 bytes)
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Bradt Nelson A. - He travelled across the United States, from New York (April 9, 1891) to San Francisco (July 4, 1891). 

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Burston, Stokes, G.W. and H.R. Stokes - (Australia) 1887c
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Creelman Karl - a turn of the century adventurer from Truro, became the first Canadian to bicycle around the world in 1902. creelman.jpg (45860 bytes)
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Fison - Pedaling from Jackson (Mich.) to Denver fison.jpg (13738 bytes)
Fraser John Foster, S. Edward Lunn and F. H. Lowe - World tour, bicycle ride of Nineteen thousand two hundred and thirty-seven miles through seventeen countries and three continents. Fraser (photo) wrote a book "Round The World On A Wheel". 1896 fraser2.jpg (15167 bytes)
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Gray Charles Theron - He travelled across the United States, from New York (June 1, 1887) to San Francisco (October 11, 1887). Photo source: Collection of Leslie Gray. 


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Horstmann Heinrich - 20-years old Heinrich cycled solo Around-the-World by biycycle in 27 months.
Route: Germany (Wuppertal)  - Belgium - England - USA - Hawaii - Japan - Hong Kong - Singapore - India (Kalkutta) - by ship to Egypt - Italy - Slowenien - Austria - Germany (Wuppertal)
He wrote a book: "Meine Radreise um die Erde vom 2. Mai 1895 bis 16. August 1897"

Ha scritto un libro sul suo giro del mondo in bicicletta, iniziato il 2 maggio 1895 e terminato il 16 agosto 1897.

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Ivany Janos e Girardini Istvian ivany.jpg (133330 bytes)
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Jooste J.P., Commandant - Originally from Pretoria, Jooste was a champion cyclist before the war. He joined the T.V.K. and was one of the leaders of the March 1900 Prieska expedition, which was a failed Republican invasion of the North-West Cape. He went into exile in Germany in mid-1900 and gave many public speeches, raising money & popularizing the Boer cause. He remained in Germany after the Boer War and died there during the Second World War. jooste.jpg (119235 bytes)
Kharas Kaikee J., Ghandhi Rustom D., Shroof Ratan D. - From Bombay, Round the world on push-bikes. parsi.jpg (26063 bytes)
Kron Karl  
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Lenz Frank - (1867-1894) the first to attempt a trip across Asia on a bicycle, rode a Victor. He found no bicycle paths in China or Indian or Turkestan or Armenia. He was murdered when his remarkable journey was nearly completed. Route: USA (New York) - Germany - Kurdestan. Here he was murdered by 5 Kurdistan people.  
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Londonderry Annie - Did you know that the first woman to cycle around the world was a Jewish mother from Boston?
Annie Londonderry (her real name was Kapchowsky) because one of her sponsors was the Londonderry Water Company. She left Boston on June 25, 1894, leaving behind a husband and three children under the age of five! Fifteen months later one New York newspaper called it “the most extraordinary journey ever undertaken by a woman.” You will find the rest of that story here:

Annie Londonderry, giovane madre di tre bambini (di età inferiore ai 5 anni), in seguito ad una scommessa, partì nel giugno del 1894 da Boston, e concluse il giro del mondo in bicicletta in soli quindici mesi, guadagnando denaro grazie alla vendita delle cartoline, agli spettacoli, e alla pubblicità. Se vuoi conoscere la sua storia completa in inglese:
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Masetti Luigi - Nato a Trecenta il 28 dicembre 1864, emigrò dal Polesine all'età' di 20 anni, prima a Milano e poi in Svizzera. Acquistata con molti sacrifici la sua prima bicicletta - partì da Milano nel 1892 per un viaggio attraverso l'Europa di 3.500 chilometri.
Nel 1893 riuscì a farsi sponsorizzare da un quotidiano milanese una spedizione di 7.000 chilometri da Milano alla grande esposizione mondiale di Chicago (via Svizzera, Germania, Francia ed Inghilterra) e ritorno promettendo in cambio di inviare settimanalmente al giornale un resoconto del suo viaggio. Partito da Milano a metà luglio, arrivò alla meta due mesi più tardi e fu persino ricevuto dal Presidente degli Stati Uniti.
Nel 1897 - sulle orme di Napoleone - partì per un viaggio dalle Alpi alla piramide di Cheope in Egitto e rientro a Milano dopo una visita al medio oriente. Non stanco, accumulò altri 5.000 chilometri sul sellino in un viaggio attraverso l'Italia, la Grecia, i Balcani e l'Austria prima di salire sul Monte Bianco e da lì attraversare la Foresta Nera in un'altra "gita" attraverso Francia e Germania.
Il primo maggio del 1900 partì da Milano per un viaggio di 18000 km. che lo portò a Ceuta, in Marocco, dove arrivò il 18 maggio, da lì, attraverso tutta l'Europa, giunse a Capo Nord, in Norvegia, il 14 agosto. Da lì, attraversando tutta la Russia continentale, giunse in Turchia a Costantinopoli.

Luigi Masetti (born 1864), after an Europa travel in 1892. In July 1893 he travelled 4,300 miles  from Milan to the Great World Exposition of Chicago, and he even met Grover Cleveland, President of the United States. In 1900 he travelled for 18000 miles, in the route Milan-Ceuta (Morocco)-Nord Cap (Norway) and across Russia he reached Costantinopoli. In this travel he edited some postcards and a cinderella. (In the last photo you can see a letter written from Masetti himself).

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McKinney Fred - From Chicago to Carlsbad, N.M., across Yellowstone Park, as far North as Prince George B.C., then South thru Vancouver, Seattle. Los Angeles. 1928 McKinney.jpg (12562 bytes)
Nellis Jr. George W. - He travelled across the United States, in 1886. He departed from Herkimer on May 24, 1887, reaching San Francisco in 72 days, on August 4, 1887.

Photo:  George Nellis in New Bicycle Suit, San Francisco, August 1887.  Source:  Collection of Gordon D. Riedell

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Peterson Walter - New York to Washington petersonnywa.jpg (21782 bytes)
Regenhardt - Hannover - World tour 1932 regenhardt.jpg (27168 bytes)
Rogers Dexter M. and S.Walter - The Rogers brothers started their transcontinental ride at Plymouth Rock on Monday morning, April 26, 1890. They arrived in Portland, They arrived on September 15, 1890. 
Schwiegershausen Willy - Leipzig schwiegers1.jpg (158532 bytes)
Sheneman William Henry - From Seattle, Washington to Marysville, Ohio on a Fowler Truss frame wheel in 53 days, covering over 2,600 miles on eighty-five dollars and fifty-nine cents.  That is how William Henry Sheneman spent the summer of 1896.
A very interesting article here:


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Spier Stephen G. - Born in 1865, he travelled across the United States in 1886. 

Stevens Thomas - Thomas Stevens  left Oakland, California in 1884 on a Columbia Standard, and became the first person to pedal around the world..
From the August 30, 1884 Harper's Weekly:
You can download the book of Stevens here:
Also an article here: 

Nel 1884 Stevens (nato il 24 dicembre 1854 a Great Berkhamstead nel Hertfordshire, in Gran Bretagna, ma emigrato giovane negli USA), eseguì il giro del mondo con una bicicletta a ruota larga, scrivendo anche un libro sull'evento. Il viaggio di Stevens ebbe inizio a San Francisco: secondo le cronache dell’epoca, tratte soprattutto dal Harper’s Weekly, il nostro lasciò la città californiana in sella alla sua 50" Penny Farthing nera alle 8:00 in punto del mattino del 22 aprile 1884 diretto verso est. 990 giorni e 21.700 chilometri dopo, riapparve al punto di partenza a bordo di un battello a vapore. Come è facile intuire, il viaggio non fu tutto compiuto in bicicletta né Stevens pedalò ininterrottamente per 2 anni, 8 mesi e 16 giorni.

San Francisco (22 aprile 1884)- Duncan (14 giugno)- Des Moines (23 giugno) -Chicago (4 luglio) - Cleveland - Boston (4 agosto) - Liverpool (dal 19 agosto 1884 al 2 maggio 1885) - Newhaven (10 maggio) - Parigi (13 maggio) - Strasburgo - Monaco di Baviera - Vienna - Budapest - Belgrado - Sofia (23 giugno) - Costantinopoli (dal 2 luglio al 10 agosto) - Angora (16 agosto) - Erzeroum (3 settembre) - Persia (7 settembre) - Teheran (dal 30 settembre 1885 al 10 marzo 1886) - Meshed (7 aprile) - Herat (30 aprile) - Lahore (28 luglio) - Delhi - Calcutta (18 settembre) - Hong Kong (12 ottobre) - Nagasaki (23 novembre) - Yokohama (17 dicembre) - San Francisco (7 gennaio 1887)   

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Thayer George B. - Mr. Thayer was the consummate bicycle tourist who made a circuitous seven-month pleasure trip of 11,000 miles across the United States and back by wheel, ship, and train (1886). 

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Turnell, Mcardle e Guerin - Coast to Coast turnellmcardleguerin.jpg (123043 bytes)
Van Meerbeke Fredrick E. - He travelled across the United States in 1886. He began the ride from the New York City Hall at noon on March 1 on a Columbia ordinary with the hope of reaching San Francisco in 150 days. He arrived in San Francisco about September 9th (Admission Day), having covered more than 4,000 miles in slightly over 190 days. 
Verdonk brothers and Meersman - Bruxelles-Congo et retour. verdonk.jpg (50028 bytes)
Weaver Frank E. - Hetravelled across the United States in 1890. 

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Werner Heinrich (Burg Ramstein) - Bonn to Rome HeinrichWernervonBurgRamstein.jpg (18475 bytes)
Workman, Fanny Bullock and William -
Fanny Bullock Workman was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on 8 January 1859. A child of privilege (her father was a former governor of Massachusetts), she married William in 1881, who retired from his medical practice soon after. The couple had one child, Rachel, born in 1884, who later became a geologist. In 1889 William and Fanny began their decades of professional travel by a soujourn to Europe, settling semi-permanently in Germany by 1890. 1890 also marked the beginning of the Workmans' bicycle tours. 
First cycling across the back roads of Europe and charting new pathways for fellow cyclists, the Workmans published their first travel book in 1895, after a tour of Algeria (published here). The couple then turned to the Far East, cycling across Asian countries and the Indian Subcontinent in 1897 and 1898, and publishing more travel accounts as they went.
By 1898 another type of travel excursion was emerging: mountain climbing. For the rest of their careers Fanny and William molded themselves into quasi-professional mountaineers and surveyors, eventually completing eight Himalayan expeditions between 1898 and 1912.
In 1917 the Workmans moved to southern France, and Fanny fell ill soon after. She suffered until her death in Cannes on 22 January 1925. (KR)
aYou can download a book here: 
Here there is a bio:
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