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Anonimo tedesco - Viaggio in Oriente, 1902. cavest.jpg (45013 bytes)
Abernathy Boys - In the early part of the 20th century, two small boys from Frederick , Oklahoma made equestrian history.
In 1909, at the ages of nine and five, Bud and Temple Abernathy rode alone from their father’s ranch in Oklahoma Territory to Santa Fe , New Mexico , and back.  The boys made this 1,200 mile journey without any adult supervision.....for the whole story:

There is a book: Bud and Me; The True Adventures of the Abernathy Boys.
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 Aspenwall Nan Jane- rode from San Francisco, California, to New York in 1910. aspenwall.jpg (17608 bytes)
Asseyev Mikhail - rode from Kiev, Russia to the newly-erected Eiffel Tower in Paris, France in 1889.
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Baker Richard St. Barbe - He was affectionately known as the 'Man of the Trees. In his 60s, Baker crossed the Sahara on a groundbreaking ecological survey. At the age of 74, he traveled the length of New Zealand (more than 1500 kilometres) on horseback, stopping at schools to promote tree planting. In his 80s, he took up the study of Chinese, intending to cross the Gobi Desert on a Mongolian pony (he never obtained permission). However, in his 90s, he did tour China to promote tree planting. baker.jpg (4986 bytes)
Barke August - Essen-Ruhr, start 1 July 1928 to Asia and Europa. barke.jpg (122261 bytes)
Bauer Brothers - from Buffalo to South America. bauerbr.jpg (23400 bytes)
Beard John and Lulu  - Rode from Portland, Oregon to Independence, Missouri, in 1948.  Authors of Saddles East. beard.jpg (36442 bytes)
Beck George - first to ride horseback to all fifty states. George and his horse, Pinto, made their historic ride in 1912.  They ended their ride in San Francisco, expecting a hero's welcome.  Instead, they were hardly noticed.  They both died tragic deaths without fame or fortune. beckaustin.jpg (14775 bytes)
Beker Ana - Daughter of Lithuianian immigrants in Argentina, in 1950 started a travel from Buenos Aires and arrived to Ottawa (Canada) in 1954.

Figlia di emigranti lituani in Argentina, intraprese un viaggio a cavallo da Buenos Aires ad Ottawa, in Canada, che durò dal 1950 al 1954.

bekerana.jpg (93805 bytes)
Bird Isabella (1831-1904) - was an English traveler who made a remarkable series of journeys at the end of the 19th century. Bird was born in the English county of Yorkshire on October 15, 1831. Her father was an Anglican clergyman and her mother was the daughter of a clergyman. Bird was a small woman and suffered from several ailments during her childhood. In 1850 she had an operation to remove a tumor from her spine. The operation was only partially successful, and she suffered from insomnia and depression. Her doctor recommended that she travel, and in 1854 her father gave her 100 pounds and told her she was free to go wherever she wanted. She used it to travel to North America and stayed for several months in eastern Canada and the United States. On her return she used the letters she had written to her sister, Hennie, as the basis for her first book, The Englishwoman in America.

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Bosanquet Mary - rode from Vancouver, Canada, to New York, USA, in 1939, on “Canadian cowponies named Timothy and Jonty.” bosanquet.jpg (33521 bytes)
Bourboulon Catherine de - Catherine and her husband lived among the splendors and intrigues of the Chinese imperial court for ten years before deciding it was time to return to Europe. Then Catherine made an amazing suggestion. Rather than embarking on the first ship bound for France, she and Phillipe would instead ride 12,000 miles through some of the most desolate and dangerous portions of Asia.
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Nel 1862 lascia con il marito la agiata residenza di Pechino, ed attraversa la Cina, la Mongolia e la Russia a cavallo, per giungere fino a Mosca.

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Burnaby Frederick - British soldier, traveller and adventurer. Frederick Burnaby was born in Bedford on the 3rd March 1842. In 1859 he joined the Royal Horse Guards and was made Colonel in 1881.
During 1875 he travelled with General Gordon in the Sudan and that winter he journeyed across the Russian Steppes on horseback. This extremely hazardous and dangerous venture resulted in the book 'Ride to Khiva' (1876). Throughout 1876-78 he travelled through Asia Minor and Armenia, later writing about his journey in 'Horseback through Asia Minor'.
In 1882 he crossed the Channel to Normandy in a balloon, making him the first balloonist to cross the Channel alone. He was killed by a spear wound at the battle of Abu Klea in the Sudan on 17th January 1885. 
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Cunningham Roberto Bontine Graham "Don Roberto" - (1852-1936) He travelled across South America, Mexico and Morocco.
Viaggiatore ed esploratore scozzese trapiantato in Argentina. 

cunningham.jpg (80794 bytes)
Dixie Florence (1857 - 1905),  an English explorer and writer, daughter of the Marquis of Queensberry, and married to Sir Alexander Dixie in 1875. She explored Patagonia 1878-1879, was war correspondent for the London Morning Post in the Boer war 1880-1881, and was instrumental in securing the liberty of Cetawayo, King of Zululand. In later years she was a champion of woman's rights.

Florence Dixie appartiene all’aristocrazia e si spinge in Patagonia, estrema frontiera, ancora quasi inesplorata e contesa da Cile e Argentina. Pubblica il suo resoconto , Across Patagonia, nel 1880 in Inghilterra.

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Fukushima Yasumasa - (1852-1919) Baron Major General Fukushima was from a samurai  family, and became an officer in the Imperial Japanese Army.  He served with distinction in the Russo-Japanese War (1904), and was most famously noted for his feat of riding non-stop from Berlin to Vladivostock gathering intelligence on the way. fuku.jpg (27549 bytes)
Glazier Willard - (1841-1905) Soldier, author and explorer. Rode from Boston  to San Francisco in 1876. He discovered the source of the Mississippi. glaz.jpg (58555 bytes)
Heath Franck - Starting in 1925, Heath traveled to all 48 states in the USA. heath.jpg (35599 bytes)
Overland Westerners: George and Charlie Beck, Jay Ransom and Raymond Rayne - rode to all 48 state capitals in the USA, between 1912 and 1915.

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Pechkov Dimitri - Travelled from Albanzinski, Siberia, to Saint Petersburg, in 1889, for 8.800 kilometres. pechkov.jpg (20925 bytes)
Pocock Roger - Pocock went on to become one of the 19th Century's most influential equestrian travelers. One of the highlights of "Following the Frontier" is the detailed account of Pocock's horse ride along the infamous Outlaw Trail, a 3,000 mile solo journey that took the adventurer from Canada (Fort Mc Leod) to Mexico City, in 1891.. pocock.jpg (6602 bytes)
Range Riders - From Sun Valley, Idaho, to New York, World Fair, with Overland Bull. rangeriders.jpg (14687 bytes)
Rosen Countess Linde von - She travelled through various countries in Europe in the early 1930s.

vonRosen2.jpg (39990 bytes)
Schwarz Hans - In 1930, he travelled from Switzerland to Turckey, and back. schwarz.jpg (35130 bytes)
Stevens Thomas - He rode across Russia (from Moskow to Black Sea) in 1890, after he rode around the world by bicycle. stevenscav.jpg (22319 bytes)
Tanner Richard - Richard J. "Diamond Dick" Tanner (1869-1943), long-distance horseback ride, circus star (with Buffalo Bill's Wild West), a medical career in Norfolk, and finally a reappearance as "the original Diamond Dick," when his claim to the title was challenged. 

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Taylor and Benner - taylorb.jpg (11133 bytes)
Tschiffely Aime- a Swiss man, made one of the most historically significant equestrian trips of the 20th century when he rode more than 10,000 miles from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Washington, D.C. in 1928.  Aime had no previous equestrian experience and no one thought he would reach America alive.  But he went on to be greeted at the White House by President Calvin Coolidge, the only Long Rider ever honored this way.  His book, Tschiffely's Ride, is one of the most famous equestrian books ever written. 

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Wyoming Jess and Rocky Mountain Jack - World tour. wyo.jpg (22598 bytes)