La storia dei globetrotters - The history of globetrotters - L'histoire des globe-trotteurs

Con veicoli a forza meccanica - With motor-powered vehicles




Anonimi - World tour with Wolkswagen, 1964 1964.jpg (31297 bytes)
Anonimo afrikaorientindia.jpg (375267 bytes)
Bianchi S5 - Italian car, Raid Milano-Oslo and beck, 4500 kms, 1910c oslo.jpg (10730 bytes)
Bien Partout -  Paris-Agadir-Gabes-Paris bienpartout.jpg (162813 bytes)
Cameron e Signor cameronsignor.jpg (101361 bytes)
Costes e Le Brix - Giro del mondo in aeroplano, 1927/28 coste l brix.jpg (73671 bytes) costeslebrix.jpg (124591 bytes)
Danesi su Ford danesiford.jpg (139479 bytes)
Divo Miguel (Argentina) - Buenos Aires-New York, 22,000 miles, 1936-37 divo.jpg (41094 bytes)
Dresdnerer Wanderer - 1926 dresdnerer1926.jpg (26226 bytes)
Gleizes Olivier - Berlin-Aachen, 1900c. gleizes.jpg (231594 bytes)
Glidden glidden2.jpg (27723 bytes) glidden.jpg (122614 bytes)
Haynes haynes.jpg (105463 bytes)
Hoergl hoergl.jpg (143930 bytes)
Kalanag, Magician, and Gloria - World tour. kallanag.jpg (21958 bytes)
Lecot - Raid Paris-Montecarlo-Paris lecot.jpg (51522 bytes)
Reisch Max - (1912-1985) Austrian traveller and explorer, by motorcycle and car.

Viaggiatore ed esploratore austriaco, viaggiò in moto, in macchina ed in furgone


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Rodriguez - World tour with motorcycle. rodriguez.jpg (27479 bytes)
Ruhrgebiet ruhrgeb2.jpg (24355 bytes) ruhr.jpg (105397 bytes)
Stewart Dorothy G. - Los Angeles to New York in motorcycle, 1913. bkmotor2.jpg (16566 bytes) BkMotorcycle.jpg (84524 bytes)
Texas Tiger Shark - With Al Reed, 3 times around the world. Started from Dallas in 1916. alreed3times.jpg (34520 bytes)
Thompson and Glover (Hollywood) - Transcontinental tour. ThompsonGlover.jpg (493145 bytes)
Torwest torwest.jpg (125077 bytes)
Transcontinental Race - USA transcontinental2.jpg (24187 bytes) transcontinental1.jpg (25695 bytes)
Vache - Tour de France with motorcycle, 1922 vache.jpg (47598 bytes)
Van Buren Augusta and Adeline - New York to Los Angeles with motorcycle, 1916.

vanburen.jpg (11622 bytes)
Wanderwell Walter, Capt. - Founder of the "Wanderwell World Tour", started for a first walk world tour from Posen, Poland, in 1912, and completed an itinerary of 82,000 mile in 5 years.
In 1919 started from the USA for a world tour with 8 cars.
Starting from Paris in 1922, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wanderwell take 7 years to make their way around the world, visiting such countries as Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Arabia, India, China, Manchuria, United States, Cuba, parts of Africa, and Portugal. 

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Whitman L.L. - Coast to coast. whitman.jpg (36711 bytes)