La storia dei globetrotters - The history of globetrotters - L'histoire des globe-trotteurs

Non solo globetrotters - Not necessarily globetrotters



Mrs Capt. Jack  - Ellen E. Jack or as she was known "Mrs. Captain Jack" of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Born in Nottingham, England and who married a "Yankee" first officer, and eventually wound up in the mining camps of the Colorado Rockies, where she was known as the "Queen of the Rockies". capjak2.jpg (30238 bytes) capjack.jpg (61869 bytes)
Ledermann Leo - Long distance swimmer
Canal: Dover-Calais

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Savard Renč, hydrocycle

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Kochner Familie, l'homme nature kochner.jpg (121710 bytes)
Harsell B.L. - Lost on a walking trip through mountains - $ 200.00 Reward for Information harsell.jpg (113467 bytes)
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Organetto di Barberia, modello Bacigalupo Berlino organetto.jpg (127468 bytes)
Hydroski - Water walking shoes  hidrosky.jpg (104830 bytes)
Andrč Martin, french traveler, Monastir 1909 francese.jpg (74585 bytes)
Peck Annie -  peck.jpg (11660 bytes)
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