La storia dei globetrotters - The history of globetrotters - L'histoire des globe-trotteurs

A piedi spingendo carrettini - Walking pushing wheelbarrows, carts,...




Aitchley - Walking to Frisco, 1915 AITCHLEY.jpg (32341 bytes)
Anonimi - World tour, 5 years trainocani.jpg (148502 bytes)
Anonimi -  Tour de France a voiture a bras bras.jpg (34235 bytes)
Anonimi - Freital - Wien, fur die 1 Arbeiter Olympiade freital-wien.jpg (20872 bytes)
Alte Auto, 1890 - Europa tour, 28 Countries, from Holland, start 1927 alteauto.jpg (159766 bytes)
Berger du Vieux-Mans -  Le Mans-Lourdes et retour par Paris, Lisieux a pied berger.jpg (42860 bytes)
Colonial Jack colonialjack.jpg (16697 bytes)
De Leeuw-Pool J., familie, Holland - World tour deleeuw.jpg (27191 bytes)
De Lion and Schmitt - Transcontinental pushmobile delion.jpg (15627 bytes)
Federmeyer P.L., France - L. P. Federmeyer, a Frenchman, who pushed his wheelbarrow across America in 1879. He was not the first as Lyman Potter did it previously in 1878! These two men decided to have a race and left San Francisco for New York in 1879 pushing their wheelbarrows. Federmeyer won.         Un articolo su Federmeyer federmeyer.jpg (38075 bytes)
Foster Charles Henry - Chicago to Harvard, 1911 fosterc.jpg (52494 bytes)
Albert Frechette, Charles Chaudoux, Richard Schottstädt / Guillaume Lemsin contrôleur
- World tour
Frechette.jpg (90562 bytes)
Green J. - Poet and pedestrian green.jpg (38855 bytes)
Hanslian Anton - World tour hanslian4.jpg (118483 bytes) hanslian5.jpg (33461 bytes)

hanslian2.jpg (116798 bytes)

hanslian1.jpg (104731 bytes)
Henry Antoine e Goffin Nicolas - Vopyage a pied de Jesneppe-Liege (Belgique) a Rome e retour henrygofin.jpg (121003 bytes)
Holton B.I. family - Walking from Dayton, Ohio, to San Francisco holton.jpg (53506 bytes)
Iron Mask - World tour

The Harry Bensley Story "The OTHER man in the Iron Mask!"    

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Bensley1.jpg (26872 bytes) 0obj.jpg (36509 bytes)
Jansen B. e Wockenroth R., Wilhelmshaven - Tour of Germany, walking jansenwockenroth.jpg (115386 bytes)
Krom Family - krom2.jpg (107909 bytes) krom.jpg (167689 bytes)
Krottlinger familie, Wien - Welt reise krottlinger.jpg (22572 bytes)
Lagneaux family lagneaux.jpg (106336 bytes)
Leddy family leddy.jpg (110115 bytes)
Maglia Karl - You can find a photo of Maglia among Walkers maglia1.jpg (108899 bytes)
Rixhon and Simoens - Tour de France 1907 rixhon.simoens.jpg (137462 bytes)
Schilling Geo - Un viaggio a piedi (vedi Walkers), un viaggio col un globo (vedi con oggetti), un viaggio con l'aereonave

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Schlafenwagen schlafenwagen.jpg (129824 bytes)
Shaw W.J. - Around the world, 1910 shaw.jpg (122415 bytes)
Van der Elst e Bruyninckx -

van der elstbruyninckx.jpg (149469 bytes)

vdelstbruyninckx.jpg (28862 bytes)
Caves, "Happy Jack" - He travelled around the world in a four years tour (1919-1923), starting from Boston. His wheelbarrow was covered with castoff automobile license plates, picture postcards and bills of fare gathered from many restaurants, and an advertisement "Watkins Drinks".
Happy Jack Caves di Boston, ha viaggiato intorno al mondo per 4 anni (1919/1923), spingendo un carrettino sponsorizzato dalla Watkins Drinks.
watkin drinks.jpg (32528 bytes)
Wheeler George wheeler.jpg (137787 bytes)
Wilson Robert - Advertising Vuitton wilson.jpg (39906 bytes)
Worth and wife worth.jpg (17317 bytes)