La storia dei globetrotters - The history of globetrotters - L'histoire des globe-trotteurs

Camminando all'indietro, sulle mani, saltando, con trampoli o in altri modi - Walking backwards, jumping, or with stilts or other devices......



Corsaro Angelo - Angelo Corsaro of Catania Italy stilt walks 558 miles to the Vatican, where the Pope granted him an audience. "A total of 558 miles,  February 13,  1958. 

Angelo Corsaro ha camminato sui trampoli da Catania a Roma, dove è stato ricevuto dal Papa, nel 1958.

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Dornon Sylvain - In 1891 Sylvain Dornon stilt walked from Paris to Moscow via Vilno (1830 miles) in either 50 stages (36.6 miles a day) or 58 days (31.55 miles a day). 

Nel 1891 Sylvain Dornon camminò sui trampoli da Parigi a Mosca, in 58 giorni.

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Durney - Campion ball walker. Dublin to Belfast, 150 miles.

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Harmon - Panama Exposition to New York walking backwards.

Harmon ha camminato all'indietro (con accompagnatore) dalla Panama Exposition a New York.

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Hurlinger Johann - J.H. was an austrian man who walked on his hands from Paris to Wien in 1900. Hurlinger walked on his hands 10 hours a day for 55 days. He averaged 1.58 miles per hour and traversed 870 miles.
Johann Hurlinger percorse il tragitto Parigi-Vienna in 55 giorni, camminando sulle proprie mani.
Redmond "Hi Jack" France - "Nationally known advertiser" walks all over the United States on stilts. Over 30 years a National Advertiser, and hiked 55,000 miles along highways - thru U. S.A. - delivering messages for friends, relatives and officials along routes on stilts.  He walked from  Hollywood, California, to New York City, Atlantic City and return- a 10,000 mile hike.

Hi Jack Redmond, percorse sui trampoli, in oltre 30 anni,55.000 miglia sulle strade d'America, realizzando anche una traversata diretta "coast to coast", nel periodo tra inizio '900 e gli anni '30. Guadagnava "indossando" messaggi pubblicitari. Vedi:

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Takkenberg C. - He walked from Amsterdam to Marsiglia jumping. He travel for 1500 km. with 1,500,00 jumps. he started from Amsterdam in 1923, November 12, and arrived in Marseille in 1925,  February 12.

Takkenberg viaggiò da Amsterdam a Marsiglia, 1500 chilometri, a salti, saltando per circa 1.500.000 volte. 

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Wilvert  F. E. - Walking On Stilts from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Panama-Pacific Exposition, San Francisco, California, in 1917.

F.E.Wilvert ha camminato sui trampoli da Harrisburg, in Pennsylvania, a San Francisco, in California, in occasione della Esposizione Panama-Pacific del 1917.

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Wingo Plennie L. - Wingo walked backwards from Santa Monica (California) to Istanbul (Turkey) (about 13,000 km/8,000 miles)  from 15 April 1931 to 24 October 1932.
From St. James Leader, June 4, 1931:
"Plennie L. Wingo, a man walking around the world backwards, stopped in St. James long enough to get some new toe taps for his shoes. This was the 4th pair he had wore out.
He started from Fort Worth, Texas, April 15th, and has been walking ever since. He wears periscopic eyeglasses, fastened over his ears like regular spectacles, which enables him to see where he is walking. He will continue on 66 to St. Louis then on hi-way 40 to New York where he will secure passage to Europe. Wingo expects to complete the trip in about four years. He depends entirely on the sale of postcards for his expenses. He averages about 20 miles per day."

Wingo ha camminato all'indietro per 12875 Km., dalla California ad Istanbul, usando un apposito paio  di occhiali con specchietti retrovisori incorporati.

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