I have started to occupy my time with computer graphics sice February 1999. All this began when the company where I actually work had to carry out a multimedia cd-rom.

Then I have began to utilize, to create, at the biggining, some landscape and some background. In this way come out my passion for graphics. After few months my company has finally bought and Besides Graphics I am interested also in music.

As well as I said, at the moment a play drums in a band". We play fusion and jazz-rock music, latin, bossa and afro music, and othe styles.

I'm interested also in Ufology and Astronomy. As a matter of facts since when I was 8 years old that I give my attention to this matters. Since than I read specific magazines as well as: Astronomy, Orion, Aliens Dossier, Misteries' journalism.
Gianmario Pala
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