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Welcome to my professional art you'll see some of my artworks I did since late 2001 - comics pages and illustrations.
The images below are for portfolio purposes only, please do not use without permission.


UK readers, grab your copy of MARVEL RAMPAGE #12 for my first



(Scroll down for published pieces)
Micronauts restyling sample
Pencils for original characters sample ('toon style)
Masters of the universe pin-up sample
Micronauts Restyling sample- (comic adaptation)
Futuristic soldiers concept design (realistic style)
"Macross Plus" test shot
Manga style
Fantasy Creature
concept design sample
My own Megatron rendering sketch

Published Comic books:


Transformers Energon

issues # 19, 20, 22
Dreamwave Productions, 2003-2004)

Transformers Armada
(Dreamwave Productions, 2002-2003)
Issues# 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18
(2004, Exclusive Transformers convention comic)
Transformers "The Wreckers #4" double cover (unpublished)
Transformers Universe #3
Exclusive convention cover

    G.I.JOE vs Transformers V2 #3
    (Devil's Due Publishing , November 2004)



    Transformers ENERGON Covers
    (Also I did a mini-comic that will be part of the packaging of the new Energon toys.)
    Below you can see some covers.
    Issue# 19
    Cover pencils and page pencils
    Issue# 20
    Cover pencils and page pencils
    Issue# 21
    cover pencils only
    Issue# 22
    pages pencils - no cover

    G1 Predaking lithograph (early 2002)
    (Pencils, inks and colors)

    Transformers Armada covers
    I've worked as freelance penciler for issues 8,9,10,11,12,13,18. Also I did 2 mini-comics that were packaged along with the Armada toys.
    Below you can see some covers.
    TF Armada #12
    (unused cover)
    TF Armada #12  cover and pencils
    actual cover
    TF Armada #14
    cover only
    TF Armada #18
    cover and pencils

  • Package artworks
    Transformers products boxart. Below just some sample of box artworks I did since 2002 for DW/Hasbro.
  • I did a lot more of boxarts not shown here: land military mini-cons, destruction mini-cons, race mini-con, space mini-cons, air military mini-con,  autobot smokescreen.

  • Transformers: the ultimate guide
    Written by Simon Furman, Published by Dorling & Kindersley
    (Promotional image below)
    I did some illustrations/cutaways of the G1 Transformers universe.

  • Genesis art of Transformers
    Published by 88MPH Studios, 2002


    (Promotional images below)
    I did many illustrations of various Transformers from various series, such as Scorponok, Shrapnel, bombshell, Kickback, BW Megatron, Blaster vs Soundwave, Overlord and the concept art for the Mainframe Tigerhawk rendering and more.
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