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svn SVN Revision 69294 For advancedsplash

This file contains the SVN revision history for advancedsplash, at revision 69294.

Available information include commit date, the name of the committer, the file size, the SVN log messages and a diff from the previous version (if available).

file_info File Information

  • Commit Date: 17-Oct-2008 19:15:31 UTC
  • Committer: AG
  • File Size: 18757 byte(s)

svn_log Log Messages

The following log message was entered by the committer:

ModernDockArt for AUI: fixed an unreferenced link to winxptheme.

svn_diff Diff To Previous Version (69086)

Version SVN diff:

--- wxPython/3rdParty/AGW/agw/     2011/09/14 19:39:08     69086
+++ wxPython/3rdParty/AGW/agw/     2011/10/02 19:32:45     69294
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@
======================= =========== ==================================================
``AS_TIMEOUT``                  0x1 L{AdvancedSplash} will be destroyed after `timeout` milliseconds.
``AS_NOTIMEOUT``                0x2 L{AdvancedSplash} can be destroyed by clicking on it, pressing a key or by explicitly call the `Close()` method.
-``AS_CENTER_ON_SCREEN``         0x4 L{AdvancedSplash` will be centered on screen.
+``AS_CENTER_ON_SCREEN``         0x4 L{AdvancedSplash} will be centered on screen.
``AS_CENTER_ON_PARENT``         0x8 L{AdvancedSplash} will be centered on parent.
``AS_NO_CENTER``               0x10 L{AdvancedSplash} will not be centered.
``AS_SHADOW_BITMAP``           0x20 If the bitmap you pass as input has no transparency, you can choose one colour that will be masked in your bitmap. the final shape of L{AdvancedSplash} will be defined only by non-transparent (non-masked) pixels.

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