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svn SVN Revision 69086 For art_aui

This file contains the SVN revision history for art_aui, at revision 69086.

Available information include commit date, the name of the committer, the file size, the SVN log messages and a diff from the previous version (if available).

file_info File Information

  • Commit Date: 18-Nov-2009 22:19:25 UTC
  • Committer: AG
  • File Size: 55983 byte(s)

svn_log Log Messages

The following log message was entered by the committer:

  • Fixed bug #13437 for SuperToolTip;
  • Fixed bug #13477 for UltimateListCtrl.

svn_diff Diff To Previous Version (68881)

Version SVN diff:

--- wxPython/3rdParty/AGW/agw/ribbon/     2011/08/25 16:40:17     68881
+++ wxPython/3rdParty/AGW/agw/ribbon/     2011/09/14 19:39:08     69086
@@ -462,8 +462,8 @@

:param `dc`: A device context to use when one is required for size calculations;
:param `wnd`: The window onto which the tab will eventually be drawn;
-        :param `label`: The tab's label (or wx.EmptyString if it has none);
-        :param `bitmap`: The tab's icon (or wx.NullBitmap if it has none);
+        :param `label`: The tab's label (or an empty string if it has none);
+        :param `bitmap`: The tab's icon (or `wx.NullBitmap` if it has none);
:param `ideal`: The ideal width (in pixels) of the tab;
:param `small_begin_need_separator`: A size less than the size, at which a tab
separator should begin to be drawn (i.e. drawn, but still fairly transparent);
@@ -1152,7 +1152,7 @@
hybrid or dropdown tool, then the foreground should also contain a standard
dropdown button;
:param `kind`: The kind of tool to draw (normal, dropdown, or hybrid);
-        :param `state`: A combination of wx.RibbonToolBarToolState flags giving the
+        :param `state`: A combination of `RibbonToolBarToolState` flags giving the
state of the tool and it's relative position within a tool group.


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