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auibook contains a notebook control which implements many features common in applications with dockable panes. Specifically, AuiNotebook implements functionality which allows the user to rearrange tab order via drag-and-drop, split the tab window into many different splitter configurations, and toggle through different themes to customize the control’s look and feel.

An effort has been made to try to maintain an API as similar to that of wx.Notebook.

The default theme that is used is AuiDefaultTabArt, which provides a modern, glossy look and feel. The theme can be changed by calling SetArtProvider.

Module author: Andrea Gavana <>

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Inheritance diagram for module: aui.auibook

Inheritance diagram of aui.auibook.AuiNotebook, aui.auibook.AuiNotebookEvent, aui.auibook.AuiNotebookPage, aui.auibook.AuiTabContainer, aui.auibook.AuiTabContainerButton, aui.auibook.AuiTabCtrl, aui.auibook.CommandNotebookEvent, aui.auibook.TabFrame, aui.auibook.TabNavigatorProps, aui.auibook.TabNavigatorWindow, aui.auibook.TabTextCtrl

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