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A ribbon button bar is similar to a traditional toolbar.

description Description

It contains one or more buttons (button bar buttons, not wx.Button), each of which has a label and an icon. It differs from a RibbonToolBar in several ways:

  • Individual buttons can grow and contract.
  • Buttons have labels as well as bitmaps.
  • Bitmaps are typically larger (at least 32x32 pixels) on a button bar compared to a tool bar (which typically has 16x15).
  • There is no grouping of buttons on a button bar
  • A button bar typically has a border around each individual button, whereas a tool bar typically has a border around each group of buttons.

events Events Processing

This class processes the following events:

Events processing for ribbon.buttonbar
Event Name Description
EVT_RIBBONBUTTONBAR_CLICKED Triggered when the normal (non-dropdown) region of a button on the button bar is clicked.
EVT_RIBBONBUTTONBAR_DROPDOWN_CLICKED Triggered when the dropdown region of a button on the button bar is clicked. PopupMenu should be called by the event handler if it wants to display a popup menu (which is what most dropdown buttons should be doing).

Module author: Andrea Gavana <>

hierarchy Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram for module: ribbon.buttonbar

Inheritance diagram of ribbon.buttonbar.RibbonButtonBar, ribbon.buttonbar.RibbonButtonBarButtonBase, ribbon.buttonbar.RibbonButtonBarButtonInstance, ribbon.buttonbar.RibbonButtonBarButtonSizeInfo, ribbon.buttonbar.RibbonButtonBarEvent, ribbon.buttonbar.RibbonButtonBarLayout

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