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svn SVN Revision 67824 For ultimatelistctrl

This file contains the SVN revision history for ultimatelistctrl, at revision 67824.

Available information include commit date, the name of the committer, the file size, the SVN log messages and a diff from the previous version (if available).

file_info File Information

  • Commit Date: 16-Apr-2010 11:45:03 UTC
  • Committer: RD
  • File Size: 453606 byte(s)

svn_log Log Messages

The following log message was entered by the committer:

Don’t call PrepareDC for a widget that is not a wx.ScrolledWindow

svn_diff Diff To Previous Version (67166)

Version SVN diff:

--- wxPython/3rdParty/AGW/agw/   2011/03/10 13:52:18     67166
+++ wxPython/3rdParty/AGW/agw/   2011/05/31 20:20:04     67824
@@ -5062,7 +5062,6 @@
dc.DrawRectangle(0, -1, w, h+2)

-        self.PrepareDC(dc)