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adv Classes

This is an alphabetical listing of all the classes defined in the adv module, together with a brief description of them (if available).

You can look up a class using the alphabetical listing of them.

Class Summary

Class Short Description
AboutDialogInfo AboutDialogInfo contains information shown in the standard About dialog displayed by the AboutBox function.
Animation This class encapsulates the concept of a platform-dependent animation.
AnimationCtrl This is a static control which displays an animation.
BannerWindow A simple banner window showing either a bitmap or text.
CalendarCtrl The calendar control allows the user to pick a date.
CalendarDateAttr CalendarDateAttr is a custom attributes for a calendar date.
CalendarEvent The CalendarEvent class is used together with CalendarCtrl.
CommandLinkButton Objects of this class are similar in appearance to the normal Buttons but are similar to the links in a web page in functionality.
DateEvent This event class holds information about a date change and is used together with DatePickerCtrl.
DatePickerCtrl This control allows the user to select a date.
DatePickerCtrlGeneric This control allows the user to select a date.
EditableListBox An editable listbox is composite control that lets the user easily enter, delete and reorder a list of strings.
ExtHelpController This class implements help via an external browser.
GenericCalendarCtrl The calendar control allows the user to pick a date.
HyperlinkCtrl This class shows a static text element which links to an URL.
HyperlinkEvent This event class is used for the events generated by HyperlinkCtrl.
Joystick Joystick allows an application to control one or more joysticks.
NotificationMessage This class allows to show the user a message non intrusively.
Sound This class represents a short sound (loaded from Windows WAV file), that can be stored in memory and played.
SplashScreen SplashScreen shows a window with a thin border, displaying a bitmap describing your application.
TaskBarIcon This class represents a taskbar icon.
TaskBarIconEvent The event class used by TaskBarIcon.
TipProvider This is the class used together with ShowTip function.