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dataview Classes

This is an alphabetical listing of all the classes defined in the dataview module, together with a brief description of them (if available).

You can look up a class using the alphabetical listing of them.

Class Summary

Class Short Description
DataViewColumn This class represents a column in a DataViewCtrl.
DataViewCtrl DataViewCtrl is a control to display data either in a tree like fashion or in a tabular form or both.
DataViewEvent This is the event class for the DataViewCtrl notifications.
DataViewItem DataViewItem is a small opaque class that represents an item in a DataViewCtrl in a persistent way, i.e.
DataViewItemAttr This class is used to indicate to a DataViewCtrl that a certain item (see DataViewItem) has extra font attributes for its renderer.
DataViewModel DataViewModel is the base class for all data model to be displayed by a DataViewCtrl.
DataViewModelNotifier A DataViewModelNotifier instance is owned by a DataViewModel and mirrors its notification interface.
DataViewRenderer This class is used by DataViewCtrl to render the individual cells.