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Should the Laws of Gravitation be Reconsidered?

 The Scientific Legacy of Maurice Allais

(Hector A. Munera ed.)    

Apeiron (Montreal), May 31 2011  


Table of contents as taken from the publisher's website:

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Martin Kokus 
Héctor A. Múnera 

Part 1: Allais Research in Physics and Memorabilia
Maurice Allais 
    On the Concept of Ether
Maurice Allais 
    Should the Laws of Gravitation Be Reconsidered? (Excerpts) 
Maurice Allais 
    New Regularities in Miller’s Observations of 1925-1926
Pierre Fuerxer 
    The Distribution of Planets and Satellites of Planets
Jean-Bernard Deloly 
    Maurice Allais and Physics
Guy Berthault 
    How I Became Involved in Allais Eclipse Effect
Héctor A. Múnera, Chris P. Duif, Dimitrie Olenici 
    Reminiscences of Allais
Héctor A. Múnera 
    Some Comments on Allais’s Work in Physics  
Part 2: Allais Eclipse Effect 
Tom Kuusela 
    Gravitation Anomalies 
Héctor A. Múnera 
    Local Vertical and Dynamics of Extended Pending Devices 
René Verreault 
    Tidal Accelerations and Dynamical Properties of Three Degrees-of-Freedom Pendula
Erwin J. Saxl, Mildred Allen, Jay Burns 
    Torsion pendulum: Peculiar diurnal variations in period 
Chris P. Duif 
    Analysis of Diurnal Variations in Saxl’s Torsion Pendulum Data
Lev A. Savrov 
    Experimental Research with Short Paraconical Pendula of Gravitational Effects During Solar Eclipses
Q.-S. Wang, X.-S. Yang, Wu Wen, Y.-C. Liu, C.-Z. Wu 
    Gravity Variations During Total Solar Eclipses: A Brief History of Thirty Years of Observations
Antonio Iovane 
    Simultaneous Occurrence of Periodic Eclipse Anomalies at Distant Sites
Ieronim Mihaila, Nicolae Marcov, Varujan Pambuccian 
    Observations of the Allais Effect 
Dimitrie Olenici, Stefan-Bogdan Olenici-Craciunescu 
    Short History of Our Research into Allais’s  and Jeverdan-Rusu-Antonescu’s Effects 
Danut Ionescu 
    A New Zealand Observation of the Allais Effect
Jinling Li, Dimitrie Olenic, Chao Yuan Yang, Botao Zhang 
    Paraconical Pendulum Experiment at Shanghai ? Solar Eclipse of 22 July 2009
 Thomas J. Goodey 
    A Paraconical Odyssey Commences 
Alexander F. Pugach 
    Is the Maurice Allais’s Effect Exclusively Gravitational in Nature? 
Chris P. Duif 
    Conventional Explanations of Anomalous Observations During Solar Eclipses 
Part 3: Optical and Geological Phenomena 
James DeMeo 
    Dayton C. Miller Revisited 
Victor-Otto de Haan  
    Fibre-Optic Interferometer Anomalies
Martin Kokus 
    Should the Laws of Geology Be Reconsidered Too? 
Part 4: Towards a Theory of Gravity Propagation 
D. F. Roscoe 
    The Problem of Momentum Conservation in Classical Electrodynamics  
Reginald T Cahill 
    Dynamical Three-Space: Emergent Gravity
Maurice Duval 
    Foundations and Consequences of the Attenuation of Gravity 
Héctor A. Múnera 
    A Le Sagian Atomic-Type Model for Propagation and Generation of Gravity 
Appendix  423 
    Heike Kamerlingh Onnes 
    New Proofs of the Rotation of the Earth

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